What do you get for Optus $30 recharge?

Mobile calls and texts If you recharge $30 or more, you get unlimited calls to Optus Mobiles within Australia. You also get unlimited standard national SMS to mobiles within Australia.

Does Optus have $10 plan?

Optus Prepaid Epic Value plans offer all the basics that you need, with data inclusion and unlimited standard national talk & text. The $10 Optus Prepaid Epic Value includes 500MB data with 21 days expiry.

Is it cheaper to go prepaid or plan?

Prepaid mobile phone plans are bill-less options that are paid upfront via a recharge purchased in-store, online, or set up with auto-recharge. Postpaid mobile phone plans come with a monthly bill. Outside of this, prepaid tends to be cheaper, while postpaid tends to bundle better overall value into its monthly fee.

How do I check my Optus prepaid balance?

You can:

  1. Download the My Optus app.
  2. Log in to My Account to monitor your usage & check your Prepaid balance.
  3. Take note of automated usage alerts sent via SMS (compatible plans only)
  4. Check your usage or balance via SMS.
  5. Check your Prepaid balance by calling 1509.

How long does $40 Optus recharge last?

84 days
Available on the Optus Prepaid Epic Data plan only and expiry will accumulate up to 84 days. Video streaming data, Extras Credit and included minutes will not accumulate if you recharge before expiry.

How long does Optus prepaid last?

You can tailor your plan with add ons once your service is up and running. Recharge before expiry and any remaining days will roll over up to 84 days. For international calls and messages, roaming, and selected premium SMS services.

Does Optus prepaid have 5G?

Optus has expanded access to its ever-growing 5G mobile network, and will now offer connectivity to eligible prepaid customers. Subscribers on Optus’ Flex prepaid plans can now access fast 5G speeds in selected areas, provided they’ve paired their plan with a 5G-capable smartphone.

Does Optus have 12 month plans?

Minimum term These plans have a minimum term of 12 months. usage types are outlined below. Standard national calls and text Included value can be used for calls, SMS and MMS in Australia to standard Australian numbers, calls to 13/1300/1800 numbers, voicemail retrievals/deposits and voicemail diversions.

How long does a $10 recharge last?

7 days
Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile

Recharge Amount $10
Expiry 7 days
Network Access 3G, 4G and 4GX
Data Allowance
Data Allowance For use in Australia only 2GB