Can you drive with a broken sway bar link pin?

It is possible to still drive a vehicle with broken sway bar links, but handling performance will suffer so use caution by driving on paved roads, taking turns slowly, and staying off high-speed highways and/or interstates that require lane changes.

What are sway bar link pins?

most vehicles have two sway bars (a front and rear), which are connected to the suspension by sway bar links, also known as link pins. each sway bar has two links which attach to the bar at one end, and the vehicle’s suspension at the other.

How do you diagnose a bad sway bar link?

Warning signs of a broken or bad sway bar link include clunks and squeaks. Over-steering or excessive lean through turns are also symptoms of worn sway bar links, but they can also be signs of larger problems with your vehicle’s suspension system.

Does a broken sway bar make noise?

Signs and Symptoms of a Bad Sway Bar Link If the sway bar link breaks and loosens, it can make a rattling or clunking sound as it taps other parts of the suspension.

Are there sway bar links for Holden VX VY Commodores?

Pedders Suspension – Sway Bar Links 10/09/2008 Pedders Suspension now have 3 choices of Heavy Duty sway bar links to suit the Holden VX – VY Commodores. Download Now Latest Products New Pedders Control Arms

How do sway bar links work?

The original sway bar links connect from the end of the sway bar up to a mounting tab on the side of the strut leg below T the coil spring. When turning a corner, the upper part of the link twists around as the assembly rotates on the ball joint & upper strut mount. This rotation places extreme load on the sway bar link, washers & bushes.

How do you put a link pin in a strut bracket?

Once you have the link pin in the sway bar, move to the strut area…You may have to push the sway bar down, so you can get the link pin in the strut bracket, but this can be done with a lever of some sort, inbetween the sway bar and radisu rod (Z-bar)

Do Pedders suspension have sway bar links?

Pedders Suspension – Sway Bar Links | Pedders Suspension and Brakes – The Car Suspension Specialists! Pedders Suspension now have 3 choices of Heavy Duty sway bar links to suit the Holden VX – VY Commodores. 424282 424209 424109