Where is eridge Kent?

Eridge Park (/ˈɛrɪdʒ/) is a village and historic park located north of the parish of Rotherfield, to the north-east of Crowborough in East Sussex, England. The adjoining home of the same name is the seat of the Marquess of Abergavenny. The area is a biological Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Can you walk in eridge Park?

Terrain: Typical country walk with some hills and stiles. Possible muddy paths. Directions/Transport: Starting from Eridge Station, turn right, and then right again, after a short distance, into Forge Road.

How big is Eridge Park?

Parkland extending to 811 hectares (546 hectares comprising the registered site) associated with a country house. The park is divided into the ‘Old Park’ developed in the late-18th century on the site of a former deer park, and, the ‘New Park’ developed in the early-19th century.

Where does the Spa Valley Railway run?

We are the railway with “A DESTINATION AT EVERY STATION!” Steam & Heritage Diesel trains operate throughout the year between Tunbridge Wells West & Eridge with intermediate stations at High Rocks & Groombridge.

How long is Tunbridge Wells walk?

27.5 mile
The Tunbridge Wells Circular Walk is a 27.5 mile (44.3km) route that explores the variety of fertile and beautiful countryside around Royal Tunbridge Wells, a town within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the borders of Kent and East Sussex.

Who owns the Spa Valley Railway?

the Wealden Railway Company Limited
The Spa Valley Railway is the Trading Name of the Wealden Railway Company Limited (1936470), a Private Limited Company incorporated on 6th August 1985, its registered office is West Station, Nevill Terrace, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The Spa Valley Railway is owned and operated by the Wealden Railway Co.

How long is Spa Valley Railway?

5.5 mi
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Spa Valley Railway
Length 5.5 mi (8.9 km)
Preserved gauge 4 ft 81⁄2 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Commercial history
Closed 1985

Where is a walk in Tunbridge Wells?

Best Walks in and Around Tunbridge Wells

  • Tunbridge Wells Circular Walk. This 27 ½ mile route explores a wide variety of areas around Tunbridge Wells.
  • The Wealdway.
  • The Sussex Border Path.
  • Bewl Water.
  • Ashdown Forest.
  • Tunbridge Wells Common.
  • Dunorlan Park.
  • Tips for walking long distances.

Where is Hurst Wood Tunbridge Wells?

Nestling in a steep-sided valley on the north-west outskirts of Tunbridge Wells, Hurst Wood features a number of non-native tree species on its eastern slopes.

Where is Eridge Green?

Eridge Green is the village nearest to Eridge Castle (now Park), seat of the Marquesses of Abergavenny, who have taken a keen interest in the church and were probably instrumental in securing the establishment of a parish, formed in 1853 out of parts of Rotherfield and Frant (KD 1874) .

How did the Radcliffe family come to own Eridge Green?

The Radcliffe family and the Nevill family intermarried in the 15th century, and adopted the same crest. The village, Eridge Green, is closely tied with the Nevill family who arrived in England with William the Conqueror and settled at Eridge Park.

What is Eridge Park?

An extensive park, originating as a medieval deer park, which was landscaped and extended in the late 18th and early 19th centuries as a picturesque park associated with a country house. Eridge Park lies 4km south-west of Tunbridge Wells.

Who has lived at Eridge Castle?

The Prince of Wales was a frequent visitor at Eridge shooting parties in the late 1800s, as was Disraeli who, it is said, came here for the venison and strawberries. In the late 1930s the Castle was demolished and the current Georgian style mansion house was built, which is now the home of the VIth Marquess of Abergavenny and his family.