What motorcycle does Tom Cruise have?

20 Kawasaki GPZ900R Top Gun is one of Tom Cruise’s most famous films. In it, he rides a Kawasaki GBZ900 and performs stunts with it. A couple of months ago, the star actor Tom Cruise posted a picture of his Kawasaki bike for the Top Gun 2 movie. He was also spotted on an airfield driving the Kawasaki Ninja H2R.

Did Steve McQueen own an Indian motorcycle?

This 1946 Indian Chief motorcycle was owned by Steve McQueen, and is coming up for auction the first weekend of August at Auctions America.

How much is Steve McQueen’s motorcycle worth?

Its estimated value was said to be between $80,000 to $100,000, reports RM Sotheby. The bike was auctioned without any reserves, and the buyer won the motorcycle title along with a document stating that it was owned by McQueen.

Was Steve McQueen a good motorcycle rider?

McQueen loved motorcycles possibly more than any other Hollywood star – he rode them all over the world, raced them off-road, and even had a classic bike collection valued in the millions of dollars. Read on to learn more about Steve McQueen’s love affair with two-wheeled machines!

What motorcycle did Tom Cruise Drive Top Gun?

Kawasaki Ninja ZX900
The Kawasaki Ninja ZX900, also known as the Kawasaki GPZ900R, will probably always be best known for being the motorcycle ridden by Tom Cruise in the 1986 film Top Gun.

Is Tom Cruise a biker?

Tom Cruise is not only a talented actor but also an enormous automotive enthusiast. Having been an active participant in the Celebrity Championship car races, Tom owns a massive collection of motorcycles and cars in his garage.

How much is a 1946 Indian Chief worth?


Excellent $58,290
Very Good $30,355
Good $19,505
Fair $15,105
Poor $10,785

How much did Steve McQueen’s Indian motorcycle sell for?

A 100-year old motorcycle once owned by Steve McQueen has sold for $775,000, making it one of the most valuable motorcycles ever.

Who owns Steve McQueen’s motorbike?

racer Gerry Lisi
Today, Métisse is owned by craftsman and erstwhile racer Gerry Lisi, who collaborated with McQueen’s Estate in 2008 to create an endorsed, limited run of 300 ‘Steve McQueen Desert Replicas’.