What is procedure code 97605?

CPT codes 97605 and 97606 are used when negative-pressure wound therapy is all that is performed (e.g., placement of a wound vacuum on an open wound). These procedures may also be reported when the wound is debrided or excised and there is no closure (the wound vacuum is acting as a closure device).

Does CPT code 97602 need a modifier?

CPT 97597, 97598, 97602 are considered “sometimes therapy”. These treatment codes may be provided without a therapy plan of care by physician/NPPs or as incident-to services. When these “sometimes therapy” services are provided under a physician’s/NPPs treatment plan they should be billed without a therapy modifier.

Does 11043 need a modifier?

CPT codes 11042, 11043, 11044, 11045, 11046, and 11047 are used to report surgical removal (debridement) of devitalized tissue from wounds. Use appropriate modifiers when more than one wound is debrided on the same day.

Does Medicare pay for 97602?

10. CPT code 97602 has been assigned a status indicator “B” in the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Database (MPFSDB), meaning that it is not separately payable under Medicare.

What is the global period for CPT 11044?

The third major change is that all of the primary CPT debridement codes (97597, 11042, 11043, and 11044) now have a 0-day global period. Previously, CPT codes 11043 and 11044 were assigned a 10-day global period by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

How much does NPWT charge for CPT code 97605?

NPWT CPT Codes Reimbursement CPT Code Physician Fee Schedule Non-Facility (Off Physician Fee Schedule Facility (WCC, AS Hospital Outpatient Department (HOPD, i. 97605 $ 44.75 $ 26.71 $ 174.71 (RVU) 1.24 (RVU) 0.74 – Pw 0.55 Pw 0.67 – 97606 $ 52.69 $ 28.87 $ 319.48

What is The MPFS code for negative pressure wound therapy?

While CPT code 97602 remains a bundled service under the MPFS, CPT codes 97605 and 97606, which represent services for negative pressure wound therapy, are now valued and active codes under the MPFS. Except as noted below for hospitals subject to the OPPS, the requirements for other “sometimes therapy codes apply.

What are the limitations of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)?

• Wound healing has occurred to the extent that negative pressure wound therapy is no longer necessary. • The depth of the wound is less than 1 mm, as wounds of this depth cannot accommodate the sponge. • Uniform granulation tissue has been obtained. • The individual cannot tolerate the use of NPWT. • The wound is infected.

Can You Bill 97607 and 97608 for the same thing?

Only bill one or the other. 97607 and 97608 replace the previous G0456 and G0457 therapy codes. The 97607 and 97608 codes include the pump, dressing and canister, and can only be billed when the entire system is provided to the patient. These two codes should not be used if only a dressing change is performed for a disposable NPWT system.