How do I download DS4 for Windows?

Downloading and starting DS4Windows

  1. Download the latest DS4Windows x64 package.
  2. Extract the package in a easily accessible folder (e.g.: Desktop, Documents, Download etc)
  3. Execute the DS4Windows.exe file to run DS4Windows.
  4. On first launch DS4Windows may ask you where to save its user data (settings and profiles):

Is it safe to download DS4Windows?

DS4Windows file can be unsafe if you have downloaded from an illegitimate site or installed it using a thumb drive or a pen drive. Hackers can alter any application software from these for their purposes and use. The games and various other apps can also run without this dswindows.exe file, but not smoothly.

How do I download a DS4 controller?


  1. Extract the 2 programs from zip file (DS4Windows and DS4Updater)
  2. Launch DS4Windows and choose where you want to save profiles.
  3. A windows will pop up showing how to install the driver, if not, go to settings and click “Controller/Driver Setup”

How do I get DS4 to work on Windows 10?

On Windows 10, you can open the Settings app from the Start menu, select “Devices,” and then select “Bluetooth.” The DualShock 4 will appear here as a “Wireless Controller” if it’s in pairing mode. You can then select it and click “Pair” to pair it with your computer.

Where can I buy DS4 Windows?

How to install DS4Windows for non-steam gaming

  • Download Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • For Windows 7, get Xbox 360 controller driver.
  • Plug controller or Bluetooth dongle in.
  • Download DS4Windows and extract.
  • Open DS4Windows.
  • Check connection in the Controllers tab.
  • In Settings tab Hide DS4 Controller.
  • Set Use Xinput Ports to one.

Do I need DS4Windows for steam?

In fact, if Steam is your go-to, native Steam support makes it just as plug-and-play as an Xbox gamepad. To start we’ll walk you through getting your PS4 controller working with Steam. If you want to play games that aren’t on Steam with your DualShock 4, DS4Windows is the tool for you.

Does DS4Windows work with PS5?

DS4 Windows supports any PlayStation controller, from DualShock 3, 4 and PS5 DualSense to Nintendo Switch Pro, Joycons and even “fake” DS4 replica’s.

Why won’t my PS5 controller connect to my PC?

Sometimes, the issue is nothing but a glitch that can be resolved just by restarting the PS5 console. So, turn off the console, unplug all the cables, and wait for half a second, Then, plug the cables and turn off the PS5 console. Hopefully, it will do the job for you.

How to properly download and setup ds4windows?

Download the DS4Windows program from the link above Double-click on file and extract it to your computer From the extracted set of files, double-click on exe to launch the setup window

How to connect to ds4windows?

DS4Windows Download . Connect your PS4. Follow the simple instructions below to easily connect your PS4 controller to your computer: Download the DS4Windows program from the link above; Double-click on the .zip file and extract it to your computer; From the extracted set of files, double-click on exe to launch the setup window

How to fix DS4 windows not launching?

Open ‘ Settings ‘ on your Windows 10 computer.

  • Choose the ‘ Update and Security ‘ option.
  • Open ‘ Windows Update ‘,to ‘View installed update history’.
  • So now choose ‘ Uninstall updates ‘ and you will see a list,i.e if you didn’t set Windows to delete old updates.
  • So choose the previous update and wait for un-installation completion.
  • Is ds4windows legit?

    The rating of indicates the site is safe or a scam. However, we cannot guarantee that the site is a scam. Many websites look legit but are in fact fake. Before you shop at a site you do not know, check for yourself.