What does the disco ball symbolize?

But beyond my lizard brain fixation with shiny objects, disco balls can be harnessed as a complex symbol–a metaphor for community, excess, escapism, utopia, self-fashioned identity and even, safety in nightlife.

How do you install a disco light?

How to Light a Disco Ball

  1. Hang the disco ball as close to the center of the room as possible.
  2. Get 1 or more disco ball spotlights such as the one linked to below.
  3. Cover the spotlights with different colored lenses.
  4. Mount the first spotlight high on the wall shining directly at the disco ball.
  5. Mount the other lights.

How do you display a disco ball?

Use screws and hooks specifically designed to attach objects to the ceiling. Swag hooks along with ceiling S-hooks make excellent choices for mini disco balls. If your ball doesn’t come with a string or a chain to hang it from, use a monofilament fishing line to tie it to a ceiling hook.

What are disco balls made out of?

Typically made by gluing hundreds of tiny mirrored tiles around a foam, cardboard or plastic “ball,” a disco ball is a fine piece of decor on its own, but it really shines — pun intended — when light is directed at it.

How do you hang a disco ball without damaging it?

Use hooks and screws specifically designed to attach objects to the ceiling, such as swag hooks and ceiling S-hooks, which make good choices for smaller lightweight balls. If your ball does not come with a chain or string to hang it from, use monofilament fishing line to tie it to a ceiling hook.

What was the first disco ball?

History. What are now usually called “disco balls” were first widely used in nightclubs in the 1920s. An early example can be seen in the nightclub sequence of Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt, a German silent film from 1927.

Are disco balls hollow?

Cut only enough space for your pot to fit snugly inside. You’ll want to make sure your disco ball is hollow before attempting this project. (I’ve only ever owned two disco balls in my life, and they were both hollow.