What is the output voltage of ignition coil?

A large ignition coil puts out about 40 kV, and a small one such as from a lawn mower puts out about 15 kV. These coils may be remotely mounted or they may be placed on top of the spark plug, known as direct ignition (DI) or coil-on-plug.

What should the ohms be on a coil?

You should have a resistance reading of at least 3-4.5 ohms. A bad coil will show a higher reading then 3-4.5. Next, place the red or black lead from the meter to the centre of the coil , and to either one of the terminals positive or negative. You want 9500-10000 Ohms, a little less is ok but no more.

Is the 2006 Honda CRF250R a new era in motorcycle design?

The 2006 Honda CRF250R is sure to make its mark on the upcoming racing season, but even bigger yet, this is a machine that truly marks a new era in motorcycle design. What do you think?

What kind of exhaust does a Honda CRF250R have?

With a revolutionary twin-muffler exhaust system that centralizes mass and improves handling in the whoops and rhythm sections, the new CRF250R screams into 2006 with the ultimate, 125-class-conquering combination of huge horsepower (thanks to the twin-pipe and an all-new 40mm carb) and sharper-than-ever track-carving capability.

What makes a Honda CRF 250 a vertically split engine?

Also, the vertically split crankcases feature a built-in oil pump, which reduces weight compared to a conventional design. Like its big-brother CRF450R, the 250 incorporates a twin-sump lubrication system that separates the engine oil from the oil bathing the clutch and the close-ratio five-speed transmission.

Is the Honda CRF250R’s aluminum frame too stiff?

According to Eiji Adachi, the chassis engineer who developed the CRF250R’s fourth-generation aluminum frame, “Many riders seem to think aluminum frames are bound to feel really stiff, but the CRF250R’s frame has been tuned to offer a very natural feeling.