Is Husaberg still making bikes?

Husaberg was a manufacturer of enduro motorcycles with four and two-stroke engines, the displacements ranging from 125 cc to 650 cc. Originally based in Sweden, its motorcycles were later manufactured in Austria by parent company KTM until the line was retired in 2014….Husaberg.

Type Subsidiary
Parent KTM

What was the last year of Husaberg?

It’s been confirmed that 2014 will be the last year that the Swedish brand, Husaberg, will function independently before merging its state-of-the-art technology with Husqvarna’s rich heritage, under the Husqvarna brand name, for 2015 and beyond.

Are husaberg reliable?

Re: Reliability and Husaberg All are fixable. I have never had any of those issues by the way. At least if you go with a Husaberg you have this great site that seems to unearth every issue Husaberg ever had.

Is Husaberg the same as Husqvarna?

The new combined brand will be called Husqvarna Sportmotorcycles GmbH. Husaberg was a spinoff from Husqvarna 25 years ago when the Italians bought Husky and moved it to Italy. After Husqvarna left some former Husky employees started Husaberg. KTM bought Husaberg in 1995.

Who is Husaberg owned by?

When Cagiva acquired Husqvarna 25 years ago and moved its operations to Italy, a group of Husky engineers stayed behind in Sweden to create their own motorcycle. The result was Husaberg, whose slogan was “Ready to Race.” When KTM bought Husaberg in 1995, they bought the slogan too.

How much does a Husaberg FX 450 weigh?

That bike likely is the Husaberg FX 450. Claimed Dry Weight: 248 lb. Actual Weight (ready to ride, no fuel): 266 lb. Seat Height: 37.3 in Seat-to-Footpeg Distance: 20.8 in Footpeg Height: Sound Test: 95.8 db Settings

How does the Husaberg FX compare to other off-roaders?

Compared to the king of off-road machines, the KTM XC-W, the Husaberg FX feels much lighter and responsive to the rider, provided that rider isn’t much over six-feet tall. Then the cockpit can be cramped.

What do you think about Husaberg’s suspension?

Its suspension was plusher than any MX bike, as expected, but it didn’t do too much of anything funny as most off-road bikes can. The biggest drawback was the soft compression characteristics that were most noticeable on the faces of jumps where the Husaberg would get close to bottoming and lose a lot of speed.