Where is McCoys buried?

Feud patriarch Randall McCoy, his wife Sarah “Sally,” daughter Roseanna, son Sam, and his wife Martha McCoy are buried in Dils Cemetery among others — including Basil and Martha Hatfield.

Where is Alifair McCoy buried?

Alifair McCoy

Birth 10 Jun 1858 Kentucky, USA
Death 1 Jan 1888 (aged 29) Pike County, Kentucky, USA
Burial McCoy Cemetery Pike County, Kentucky, USA
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Where is Sally McCoy buried?

Wife of Randolph McCoy, famed leader of the Hatfield-McCoy feud. Wife of Randolph McCoy, famed leader of the Hatfield-McCoy feud….Sarah “Sally” McCoy McCoy.

Birth 1829 Pike County, Kentucky, USA
Death 1890 (aged 60–61) Pike County, Kentucky, USA
Burial Dils Cemetery Pikeville, Pike County, Kentucky, USA Show Map

Where is cotton top Hatfield buried?

Ellison Hatfield “Cotton Top” Mounts

Birth Aug 1864 Logan County, West Virginia, USA
Death 18 Feb 1890 (aged 25) Pikeville, Pike County, Kentucky, USA
Burial Dils Cemetery Pikeville, Pike County, Kentucky, USA
Plot Unmarked Grave
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Who is buried in the McCoy Cemetery?

Historical Marker #2067 marks the McCoy Cemetery where three of Randolph McCoy’s sons—Tolbert, Pharmer, and Randolph, Jr. are buried. All three brothers, as well as Alifair and Calvin McCoy were killed by Hatfields in various incidents.

Where is Devil Anse buried?

Hatfield Cemetery, Omar, WVDevil Anse Hatfield / Place of burial

Where is Ellison Hatfield buried?

He was the husband of Harriet Hatfield. Their child was Ellison Cotton Hatfield. He married Mary Polly A Prater. In 1865 he married Sarah Ann Staton….Ellison Hatfield.

Birth Aug 1841 Virginia, USA
Death 9 Sep 1882 (aged 41) Mingo County, West Virginia, USA
Burial Hatfield Cemetery Newtown, Mingo County, West Virginia, USA

Did Cotton Top Hatfield hang?

On February 18, 1890, Ellison “Cotton Top” Mounts was hanged in Pikeville, Kentucky, for his role in the Hatfield-McCoy Feud. It was the only legal execution of the feud.

What happened to Randall McCoys wife?

(Reverse) Sally McCoy contracted measles and pneumonia, and died a few months after her birth. The death of Roseanna McCoy’s only child, Sally, was a contributing factor in the grief and sorrow that led to the untimely death of Roseanna.

What happened to Nancy McCoy?

They both died young, Frank was shot to death in a fight at the age of thirty-six in 1898, while Nancy passed away from tuberculosis three years later.

What started the feud between the Hatfields and McCoy?

The feud started over a dispute of ownership of two razor-backed hogs and later escalated with Hatfield’s interest in Rose Anna McCoy, Ole Ran’l McCoy’s daughter.

What happened Sally McCoy?

Where did Randall McCoy live?

Randolph “Randall” McCoy grew up in the Tug River Valley, which marked the boundary between Kentucky and West Virginia. He was born on the Kentucky side of the valley, one of 13 children. There he learned to hunt and farm, two main ways people living in this part of Appalachia supported themselves.

How did Randolph McCoy die?

Randolph McCoy died at the age of 88 after he was severely burned from a cooking fire. He is buried in the Dils Cemetery in Pikeville, next to his wife who died in the 1890s.

Alifair, her brother Calvin, and other brothers, Randolph “Bud” McCoy, Jr., Pharmer, and Tolbert McCoy are all buried at the McCoy Family Cemetery located on a wooded hillside east of highway 319, 300 yards from the old McCoy home in Blackberry Fork of Pond Creek in Pike County, Kentucky.

Is Sally McCoy related to Randolph McCoy?

Randolph McCoy (1825–1914) married his first cousin, Sarah “Sally” McCoy (1829 – c. 1890), daughter of Samuel McCoy (1782–1855) and Elizabeth Davis, on December 9, 1849, in Pike County, Kentucky. They were of Scottish descent and had 17 children together.