What is National Forest Policy in India?

The principal aim of National Forest Policy, 1988 is to ensure environmental stability and maintenance of ecological balance including atmospheric equilibrium which are vital for sustenance of all life forms, human, animal and plant. The derivation of direct economic benefit must be subordinate to this principal aim.

What is National Forest Policy write in brief?

Aimed at bringing one-third of the total land area with 65% in hilly and 25% in plains under the forest cover.It suggested the extension of tree lands on river/canal banks, roads, railways, cultivable waste and degraded lands. Weaning the primitive people by advice, from the practice of shifting agriculture.

How many National Forest Policy are there in India?

ADVERTISEMENTS: India is one of the few countries which has a forest policy since 1894. The policy was revised in 1952 and again in 1988. The main plank of the revised forest policy of 1988 is protection, conservation and development of forests.

When was National Forest Policy introduced in India?

The first Forest Policy was adopted by Govt. of India resolution of 19th October 1894. The main thrust areas were to ensure maintenance of adequate forest cover for general well being of the country, meeting needs of local people and after meeting local needs maximum revenue collection.

What is the main goal of National Forest Policy?

Expansion, protection and sustainable use of national forests, protected areas, natural habitats and watersheds for restoring ecological functions, improving livelihoods and human health in line with the national priorities and international agreements.

What is forest policy?

A forest policy is a purposeful course of action, or inaction, undertaken by an individual or an organization that is dealing with a concern regarding the use of forest resources (Cubbage et al. 1993).

When was the last National Forest Policy issued by the Government of India?

The first National Forest Policy in independent India came into effect in 1952. Thereafter, in 1988, a new version of the NFP came into being. The latest version has been in the offing for nearly four years now but a final version is yet to be made public.

What are the components of national forest policy?

Protection of soil through forest vegetation. Protection from forest fire. Conservation and improvement of water supply through the presence of forest and the management of such forests. Keep the survey and inventory of forest resources up to date.

What are the salient features of Indian forest policies?

Salient Features and Goals of National Forest Policy-

  • Maintenance of environmental stability through preservation and restoration of ecological balance.
  • Conservation of Natural Heritage(existing)
  • Checking Soil Erosion and Denudation in catchment areas of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs;

What is the main goal of national forest policy?

What is the importance of forest policy?

A forest policy can provide a framework for enabling sustainable forest management (SFM) that balances the economic, social and environmental goals of stakeholders and of society.

When was the Draft National Forest Policy was passed?

Detailed Solution. The correct answer is 1988. The National Forest Policy in India is launched to bring a minimum of one-third of India’s total geographical area under forest or tree cover. The first edition of the National Forest Policy in India took effect in 1952.

What is the background paper of National Forest policy of India?

the background paper of the National Forest Policy of India, 1952. About this time forests in India to be aimed at’. European countries had 41.4% of the total land area (GoI (Government of India) 1952 ).

For any country, the forest policy is an important guideline to maintain forest resources and their interaction with other land uses. India devised its first National Forest Policy (NFP) back in 1894.

What is the best book on conservation of Indian Forest?

Marcot BG (1992) Conservation of Indian Forest. Conserv Biol 6 (1):12–16 Mathur AS, Sachdeva AR (2003) Towards an Economic approach to sustainable development. Planning MoEF (1999) National Forestry Action Programm., India.

What is the National Forest Policy 2016?

National Forest Policy , 2016 (Draft) Rather than an exclusive focus on forest and tree cover , targeted efforts should be made to preserve the country’s v a rie d e c o s y s te m s in c lu d in g a lp in e m e a d o w s , grasslands, deserts, marine and coastal areas etc.