Are there residential areas in DC?

Known to be one of the trendiest neighborhoods in all of Washington, D.C., Logan Circle is a residential neighborhood downtown. Full of history, the houses in this neighborhood are mostly well preserved and authentic Victorian-style homes.

What is considered northwest Washington DC?

Northwest (NW or N.W.) is the northwestern quadrant of Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, and is located north of the National Mall and west of North Capitol Street.

What neighborhood should I live in Washington DC?

Where to Live in Washington DC

Mount Pleasant Exotic cuisines, exciting nightlife and historical architecture makes Mount Pleasant a great place to live in
Mount Vernon Square Growing Neighborhood with New Businesses Being Constantly Established
North Capitol Street A Good Choice for People Working in the Area

Where do expats live in Washington DC?

Areas close to the city centre such as Adams Morgan and Georgetown are perfect for young professionals and students, while Dupont Circle and Anacostia are ideal for those moving to Washington DC with a family.

What is the richest part of Washington DC?

  1. 22066 Great Falls. Median household income 2019: $228,067.
  2. 20816 Bethesda. Median household income 2019: $216,604.
  3. 20854 Potomac. Median household income 2019: $213,724.
  4. 22039 Fairfax Station. Median household income 2019: $207,724.
  5. 20861 Ashton.
  6. 20817 Bethesda.
  7. 22101 McLean.
  8. 20896 Garrett Park.

What is the largest quadrant in DC?

The northwest quadrant
The northwest quadrant is the largest of the four, and contains more than 42% of the entire city.

Where should I live if I work in DC?

Alexandria is a popular place to live because it has an upbeat vibe with a large number of great restaurants, stores, and bars. What’s even better is that it’s conveniently located across from DC via the Potomac River. This community is also very pedestrian-friendly, making it easy to live here without owning a car.

Is living in DC worth it?

A 2020 Zillow study ranked DC as the fourth most expensive city in the country, with a cost of living 60% higher than the U.S. average, and home prices more than triple the national average….Cost of living in Washington, DC.

Cost of living % above U.S. average 63.4%
Median Home Value $1,069,329
Median monthly rent $3,002

Is Foggy Bottom a good place to live?

Foggy Bottom is in District of Columbia County and is one of the best places to live in District of Columbia. Living in Foggy Bottom offers residents a dense urban feel and most residents rent their homes. In Foggy Bottom there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

How can I live affordably in DC?

4 Keys to Living in Washington DC on a Budget

  1. Find DC’s free luxuries. Here’s one of the best parts of living in Washington DC: there are a ton of amazing things that you can do without spending any money!
  2. Take Advantage of Metro Passes.
  3. Save on rent — buy a home.
  4. Spend money to save money.

What are the worst neighborhoods in DC?

There are just some neighborhoods that are more unsafe than others. Deanwood, Brentwood, and Stadium-Armory are always present on the list of worst neighborhoods in DC. And with the consistently high crime rates in these areas, it’s easy to see why.

What are the most dangerous neighborhoods in Washington DC?

Washington Highlands/Bellveue (SE)

  • Historic Anacostia (SE)
  • Deanwood Metro Station (NE)
  • Ivy City,Trinidad,Carver Langston (NE)
  • Brentwood
  • NoMA (NE/NW)
  • Columbia Heights/Mount Pleasant and Park view (NW)
  • What are the best neighborhoods in Washington DC?


  • Bloomingdale
  • Capitol Hill
  • Capitol Hill Riverfront
  • Cathedral Heights
  • Clarendon
  • Columbia Heights
  • Crystal City
  • Del Ray
  • Dupont Circle
  • What are the most expensive neighborhoods in Washington DC?

    – Foxhall / Palisades / Spring Valley / Wesley Heights ($1,451,125) – Georgetown ($1,035,000) – Chevy Chase-DC ($1,010,000) – American University Park / Friendship Heights / Tenleytown ($940,000) – Capitol Hill ($849,550) – Hill East ($725,000) – Truxton Circle ($722,450) – Mount Pleasant ($719,500) – NoMa ($715,000) – Atlas District ($700,000)