When was the last bear attack in Yellowstone?

The last bear-related injury in Yellowstone happened in June 2020, when a grizzly bear knocked a woman to the ground and scratched her thigh. The man who died after being attacked just outside the park was a backcountry guide out fishing alone. He was attacked by a grizzly bear on April 15 and died two days later.

How many bear attacks happen in Yellowstone annually?

Since Yellowstone opened in 1872, eight people have been killed by bears inside the park, according to the National Park Service. Officials say an average of one nonfatal bear attack happens there each year.

How likely is a bear attack in Yellowstone?

Considering that millions of people now visit Yellowstone, the park’s website said the chances of being attacked by a grizzly are one in 2.7 million.

Where was the bear attack at in Yellowstone?

Charles “Carl” Mock, 40, of West Yellowstone, was attacked by the bear near the Baker’s Hole Campground, about 2.5 miles north of West Yellowstone on April 15. He called 911 just before 3:45 p.m.

What to do if a bear walks up to you?

Identify yourself by talking calmly so the bear knows you are a human and not a prey animal. Remain still; stand your ground but slowly wave your arms. Help the bear recognize you as a human. It may come closer or stand on its hind legs to get a better look or smell.

Do grizzly bears fight black bears?

Black bears and Grizzly bears do tend to overlap in much of the grizzly’s range according to bear species home-range maps, so it isn’t a surprise that skirmishes do happen. Furthermore, when opportunity strikes, bears have been known to eat each other.

What to do if you see a black bear while hiking?

If you encounter a bear on the trail, or in your campsite, stop what you are doing and evaluate the situation. Identify yourself by speaking in a calm, appeasing tone. Back away slowly, preferably in the direction you came. Walk, don’t run, and keep your eye on the bear so you can see how it will react.

Can you shoot a bear in Yellowstone if it attacks you?

If a firearm is effectively used during an encounter, it can be lethal for the bear, while bear spray allows the bear to likely remain in the population. If a firearm is used in self-defense against a bear, contact park authorities immediately.

Which bears do you play dead with?

Brown/Grizzly Bears: If you are attacked by a brown/grizzly bear, leave your pack on and PLAY DEAD.