What is the main theme of Three Day Road?

The theme of identity is very prominent in the novel. We see conflicts within each character as we dive into their lives throughout the book. Niska refuses to go to residential school, and live in the bush and stay true to her identity. Xavier too is bound to his Aboriginal identity during the war, appreciating life.

What is the meaning of Three Day Road?

It takes its title from a story about how those ready for death must walk the “three-day road.” After being badly injured while serving on the Western Front in the First World War, Cree sniper Xavier Bird has returned to Canada a shell of his former self — missing a leg, addicted to morphine and with a fading desire to …

Is Three Day Road a real story?

Three Day Road was inspired by a real-life man whose legend is still alive on the reserves. Francis Pegahmagabow, an Ojibwa from the Parry Island Band, was a crack shot during the First World War, with 378 kills to his name and numerous decorations.

What is the setting of Three Day Road?

Set in 1919, following the end of World War I, the novel takes place in the wilderness of Northern Ontario and on the battlefields of France and Belgium. Niska, an Oji-Cree medicine woman, is the remnant of her native relatives who refused to assimilate in the 19th century.

How does Three Day Road end?

As Xavier scopes out the enemy, Elijah turns on Xavier and tries to strangle him, the war and the windigo finally driving him to complete madness. Xavier knows what he must do.

How is Elijah a windigo?

Xavier finds his true self as he becomes a Windigo Killer, accepting himself and his culture. Finally, Elijah becomes Windigo which leads to his impending death.As Cree Natives, they must accept the stories of Windigo in their lives to face their destinies. Brought up in the native culture.

What does a windigo killer do?

Micah’s wife “goes windigo” in Three Day Road, as does Elijah, and they are both killed by a “windigo killer.” The clan’s hookimaw is responsible for killing members of the tribe that “go windigo” and consume human flesh, and Niska’s father, Niska, and Xavier each must kill windigos.