How much does it cost to go to Yas Waterworld?

Currently, the price for Yas Waterworld tickets is the same for adults and kids: Yas Waterworld ticket price: AED 250.

What is the scariest ride in Yas Waterworld?

There are plenty of waterslide rides in Yas Waterworld but if you want to experience one with the craziest twists and turns, the Hamlools Humps is the one.

How many slides are in Yas Waterworld?

RIDES & SLIDES Enjoy more than 40 rip-roaring rides, slithering slides, and amazing attractions!

How to get Yas Waterworld discount in Dubai?

Avail Yas Waterworld tickets discount of flat 25% for UAE residents only. Book 4 online tickets & pay for only 3 single-day tickets. Also, get free entry for children of 3 years old and free parking. Yas Waterworld voucher code is not needed to redeem this offer. Get flat 25% discount on your Yas Waterworld single-day ticket bookings.

Is Yas Waterworld closed for the winter 2021?

Seasonal Closure for Yas Waterworld from 3 January until 21 February 2021. Yas Waterworld will be closing its doors for the remainder of the winter season from 3 January until 21 February 2021 to allow for routine maintenance.

Why Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi is the Best Waterpark?

It is one of the world’s leading water parks with over 40 rip-roaring rides, slides, and amazing attractions. Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi is the region’s best waterpark! It is the best platform to book rides, restaurants, offers, and events. It introduced Cinesplash, the regions first and 5D water adventure. So, what are you waiting for?

What can you do at Yas water park?

You can surf at the world’s largest surfable sheet wave, take the plunge down an epic Slither Slide and pass through wave tunnels on your way down, jump in a six-person water coaster that takes you on a wild ride over twists, turns, rapids, and drops. Discover world-renowned Yas water park and facilities.

Which is better Wild Wadi or Yas Waterworld?

So overall, we rate Yas Waterworld as the better waterpark of the two. This doesn’t mean that Wild Wadi isn’t a fantastic day out though. If you are closer to Wild Wadi than Yas, don’t stress yourself into making a trip to Abu Dhabi. Wild Wadi still has great reviews and offers a fantastic day out for the whole family.

Is Yas Waterworld heated?

6 answers. They heat the water in winter so it is comfy when in the water but because of evaporation you will be cold when you get off rides…. The temps outside are around 70-80’s even in dead of winter.

What should I wear to Yas Waterworld?

What should I wear to Yas waterworld? Appropriate swimwear must be worn. You should not wear attire with metal buttons, buckles, long pants, denim clothing, accessories etc.

How many rides does Yas Waterworld have?

RIDES & SLIDES Enjoy more than 40 rip-roaring rides, slithering slides, and amazing attractions!

Is Wild Wadi or Atlantis water park better?

Wild Wadi or Aquaventure – The Winner Aquaventure wins by 3 points to 2. It was a close contest and both are still worth a day out if you get time. Wild Wadi is cheaper and more accessible, but overall Aquaventure is the better all round water park; but only just!

Does Wild Wadi have alcohol?

No alcohol is served in the park. Wild Wadi’s main restaurants are serving fast food favourites like burgers, and hotdogs, as well as some more healthy options like salads.

How many slides are there in Yas Waterworld?

ALL THE THRILLS Enjoy more than 40 rip-roaring rides, slithering slides, and amazing attractions!

Who owns Yas Waterworld?

Miral Asset Management
Set across more than 15 hectares of land, the waterpark was developed by Aldar Properties and supported by Blackburn Share Holdings….Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi.

Location Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Owner Miral Asset Management
Operated by Farah Experiences
Theme Emirati-themed waterpark
Area More than 15 hectares of land

Can I wear shorts in Abu Dhabi?

Can you wear shorts in Abu Dhabi? Short-shorts are not appropriate clothes in Abu Dhabi, so Bermuda shorts are the way to go. Bermuda shorts cut just above the knee, so they fall within the Dubai women’s dress code.

Does Wild Wadi have a lazy river?

Juha’s Journey is a 360-metre long lazy river. Guests of all ages can enjoy this relaxing ride around a river with a gentle current.