What is a quadruple-double in basketball example?

He also turned the ball over 10 times. That performance doesn’t officially go down as a quadruple-double. A player needs to reach double figures in four of the five major statistical categories (points, assists, rebounds, blocks and steals) for a quadruple-double.

What is a quintuple-double in basketball?

Noun. quintuple double (plural quintuple doubles) (basketball) The achievement of a two-digit number of all five of points scored, assists, rebounds, blocks, and steals in a single game.

Has any NBA player had a quintuple-double?

Has Anyone Got a Quintuple-Double in the NBA? There is only one player that has been able to record one of these historic feats. That player is none other than Wilt Chamberlain. The phenomenal center already holds a million records across NBA history, but this one was something special.

WHO has recorded a quadruple-double in the NBA?

And that’s extremely rare. There have been just four official quadruple-doubles in NBA history: Nate Thurmond in 1974, Alvin Robertson in 1986, Hakeem Olajuwon in 1990 and David Robinson in 1994.

What is NBA triple doubles?

When a player reaches a score of ten or more in at least three of these statistical categories in a game, he records a triple double (e.g. 10 points, 10 assists, 10 rebounds).

Who has the most steals in a game?

Kendall Gill and Larry Kenon are tied for the most steals in a game, with 11 steals.

Did Wilt get 24 blocks?

However, it is believed that Wilt the Stilt put up 53 points, 32 rebounds, 24 blocks, 14 assists and 11 steals. Yes, these numbers do look made up and impossible at a first glance. But what can we say, Chamberlain did humanly impossible things during the entire course of his 14-year amazing career.

Did Wilt Chamberlain get a quintuple-double?

Wilt Chamberlain holds the record for most career double-doubles in the NBA with 968. Tamika Catchings was the first player ever to record a quintuple-double….Triple-double leaders.

^ Denotes active player
* Inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

Who has the most blocks in one game?

Elmore Smith
Single-Game Blocks Record The NBA single game blocks record is 17 blocks and was set by Elmore Smith in 1973 while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.

How many triple-doubles does Michael Jordan have?

***Michael Jordan had 28 career triple-doubles….The Triple-Double.

Player Triple-Doubles
Michael Jordan*** 25
Clyde Drexler**** 23
Chris Webber 22
Charles Barkley 20

Who leads NBA in triple-doubles?

Russell Westbrook
The current NBA triple-doubles record holder is Russell Westbrook with 182 triple-doubles.

What is the most assists ever in a single game?

Scott Skiles has the most assists in a game, with 30 assists versus the Nuggets on December 30, 1990.

What is a quadruple-double in basketball?

Either way, let’s get it straight. Similar to a triple-double, a quadruple-double is recorded when a player registers double figures in any four of the five primary stat categories – points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks.

What is a double-double in basketball?

A double-double is a performance in which a player accumulates a double-digit number total in two of five statistical categories—points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked shots—in a game. The most common double-double combination is points and rebounds, followed by points and assists.

What is the difference between a quadruple double and quintuple double?

Double (basketball) A quadruple-double is the accumulation of a double-digit number total in four of the five categories in a game. This has occurred four times in the NBA. A quintuple-double is the accumulation of a double-digit number total in all five categories in a game. Two quintuple-doubles have been recorded at the high school level,…

How many quadruple-doubles have been recorded in the NBA?

While double-doubles and triple-doubles occur regularly each NBA season, only four quadruple-doubles have ever officially been recorded in the NBA, and a quintuple-double has never officially been recorded at the professional, collegiate, or even high school boys’ level.