What does it mean POF deleted user?

In the most literal sense – if you’re using Plenty of Fish to try and scam, spam, or impersonate someone else, your account will be deleted. This goes for creating multiple accounts as well, or trying to access or use an account that isn’t yours. Photo No No’s.

How do you know if someone deleted their account on POF?

If the person has deleted their account, they will no longer show up on your ‘Recent’ or ‘Who’s Online’ lists. If you have a mutual friend, and they’re signed into POF, you can check to see if that person is still online by going into their profile.

How long does it take for your POF account to be deleted?

Best Answer: Allow 24 hours before you may delete it.

Does Plenty of Fish delete inactive accounts?

Plenty of Fish does not delete inactive accounts. However, if an account has been inactive for a year or more. It will be hidden from the public.

What happens if someone reports you on POF?

If you report a user for no good reason, your account may be deleted. If you no longer wish to receive messages from a member of Plenty of Fish, you can block them. You can only block a member that has sent you a message.

How do you delete someone from POF?

You can delete your profile, but if you want to remove an individual from your Interests list, go to their profile and click the “x” in the top right corner.

How long does a POF profile stay active?

If the person hasn’t logged in to POF in more than 30 days, the “Last Visit” field will be empty. But, if the person doesn’t show up in the search results, their account most likely isn’t active at the moment.

What does a hidden profile on POF look like?

Firstly, hiding profile on POF will simply indicate that no one will be able to find you on basic or advanced search results. Your hidden profile will not appear here. However, POF members can still contact you. They can access your profile if the messages are in your inbox.

How long does an inactive POF account last?

Does Plenty of Fish notify screenshots?

In a nutshell, POF doesn’t notify other users when you take screenshots of conversations on your phone or tablet.

What happens when you report a user on POF?

How do I know if my profile has been deleted POF?

However, other users can verify if your profile no longer exists. Here’s how they can do it: Go to the username search page. Search for the username. If your profile shows up in the search results, this means that POF has hidden your profile.

How do I Delete my POF account?

Go to the “Help” button at the top of your screen. Choose “Remove Profile” among available options. Click the link located under the heading “To delete your POF profile”. Enter your username, password, and the reason for leaving. Can You Restore a Deleted Account?

How to delete a profile on plenty of fish?

If you choose to go ahead with the deletion, this is what you need to do: Open the official POF login website. Log in using your name and password. Go to the “Help” button at the top of your screen. Choose “Remove Profile” among available options. Click the link located under the heading “To delete your POF profile”.

How to find out what someone’s POF username?

What If You have A Username In Mind And You Want To Find It? You can go to the site scrapersnbots.com. It’s a pretty cool site, I mean it’s not the nicest made site or anything but it’s a pretty decent site. So right here you can search by POF username and it looks like you can search under a lot of different sites.