How do you use ORB in Razorgore?

Players are able to control Razorgore by interacting with the Orb of Domination located on the platform on the left side of the room. Once the Orb is interacted with, they will take control of Razorgore for 90 seconds.

How do you beat Razorgore the untamed?

The dragonkin adds do the most damage, so if one is attacking Razorgore, use his Calm Dragon ability (key 5) to put it to sleep while waiting for the Destroy Egg cooldown to finish. Pet controlling classes must dismiss their pet, or they will not be able to control Razorgore!

What level is BWL in Shadowlands?

Blackwing Lair is a level 60, 40-man raid dungeon located at the top of Blackrock Mountain, home to Nefarian. It was implemented in patch 1.6.

How do I run Blackwing Lair?

This quest requires you to touch the Orb of Ascension, behind General Drakkisath, final boss of Blackrock Spire. After completion, you can quickly zone into Blackwing Lair by running down that same hallway in which you killed Scarshield Quartermaster, right of the entrance to Blackrock Spire.

How do you unlock Blackwing Lair?

Complete Upper Blackrock Spire and kill final boss General Drakkisath to access the Drakkisath’s Brand. In the future, simply click on the Orb of Command in Blackrock Mountain to zone into Blackwing Lair.

What’s new with razorgore the untamed?

Razorgore the Untamed no longer takes extra damage from Black Talon enemies, has more health, and can cast Destroy Egg more frequently. The Orb of Domination’s Mind Exhaustion debuff now lasts 7 seconds instead of 60, and taking damage will not interrupt the channel.

How do I get razorgore to spawn on the Orb platform?

You will have some time to destroy a few eggs, so deal with the ones directly in front of the orb platform and the couple on the orb platform itself. Once done with that, stay on the orb platform and move Razorgore to the back of it. The adds will begin spawning from the side entrances of the room and head towards your platform.

What does razorgore Yell in the Abyss?

Razorgore the Untamed yells: Fools! These eggs are more precious than you know! Razorgore the Untamed yells: I’m free! That device shall never torment me again! Razorgore the Untamed yells: If I fall into the abyss, I’ll take all of you mortals with me!

How does controlling razorgore work?

Controlling Razorgore is a channeled effect which regularly wears off after 90 seconds. The “destroy egg” ability has a cooldown of 1.5 sec, so it is possible to destroy twenty of the eggs in a single control period. Beyond this, Razorgore has a fire ball volley, and the ability to sleep dragonkin.