Where is Hudsons circus from?

Hudsons Circus |MERIMBULA| New South Wales.

Does Hudson circus have animals?

A traditional-style circus, Hudsons features all the classic trappings; acrobats, trapeze artists and circus animals, all led by a ringmaster. The animals at the circus, which include camels, llamas, macaws, mountain ponies and two Asian water buffalo.

Who owns hudson circus?

Shane is from the Lennon Family that has owned and operated circuses in Australia and New Zealand for over 120 years. He is fifth generation and grew up in the circus travelling throughout the Australian outback towns and major cities.

Is Hudsons Circus good?

Hudsons Circus has all the elements of a traditional circus with a twist including some new, dangerous and exciting acts. It was fantastic to see that the acts were well-polished; the whole circus flowed along easily and there was plenty of action and entertainment to keep the audience mesmerised for the whole evening.

How long does the Hudson circus go for?

two hour
HUDSONS CIRCUS is a two hour production including approx 15 minute intermission.

What circus is in Hervey Bay?

Lennon Bros Circus
Hervey Bay – Lennon Bros Circus.

How long does infamous circus go for?

90 minutes
Get set for 90 minutes of a… “delightfully good time!”

How long does the Sesame Street circus go for?

See your favourite Sesame Street characters perform A 90-minute Circus Spectacular, featuring your favourite Sesame Street Characters, PLUS Circus performances from Switzerland, Argentina, Colombia, Morocco, Brazil, Ethiopia and Australia!

Is there food at infamous circus?

Infamous is an 18+ event encompassing delicious treats and snacks, vip table service with a choice of alcoholic beverages for a never-seen-before circus cabaret vibe!

How long does infamous go for?

Get set for 90 minutes of a… “delightfully good time!”