How do I download pictures from Hangouts?

In the conversation view (i.e., not with the image full screen), long-press the image, then tap Save Media. Welcome to Android Central! In the conversation view (i.e., not with the image full screen), long-press the image, then tap Save Media.

Where are Hangouts pictures stored?

the Google Album Archive
You can share photos and videos with other people in classic Hangouts. You can find all the photos and videos you’ve shared in the Google Album Archive. You can also download your photos or videos using Google Takeout.

How do I save a picture from Hangouts on my iPhone?

How to save images in Google Photos to your iPhone

  1. Tap the photo you want, then tap “Save.”
  2. Long tap the photos you want to save, then tap the cloud button.
  3. Click on the Photos tab.
  4. Tap the photo, then tap the three dots in the top right corner.
  5. Tap “Save to device.”

How do I access Hangouts photos?

Go to or using your internet browser. Log in using your Google account that you use for Hangouts. You will be presented with highlights of different photos that you store across several Google services.

Why is Hangouts not loading pictures?

It might be because your version of Chrome/ChromeOS is out of date. The icon you are seeing usually means that you do not have permission to see the image, so I am not sure sure why that would happen if Chat is working otherwise. Are you accessing Chat at

How do I download all pictures from Google Drive?

Click on “Albums” in the left menu. Click on the three dots in the upper-right corner and select “Download all.” Google will then download a zip file containing the photos from your album.

Why can’t I save images from Google?

Chrome won’t be able to save anything on your phone if it doesn’t have permission to access storage. There are chances that you might have accidentally denied it storage permission. Open Settings on your phone. Go to the Apps section.

Does Google Hangouts have a time limit?

Zoom calls with 3 or more people have a 40 minute time limit, while a Google Hangout lets you hang out for as long as you like with no time limit.

How do I see pictures sent on Hangouts?

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  1. Go to
  2. Click or tap Photos from Hangouts.
  3. Click or tap a chat to view the photos and videos.

How do I install Google Hangouts On my PC?

Download and install the Google Chrome web browser.

  • Open your Google Chrome web browser and go to the page for Google Hangouts in the Chrome Web Store.
  • Click Add to Chrome in the top-right corner of the page.
  • The Chrome Web Store will notify you of parts of your computer that the Google Hangouts desktop app may need to access.
  • How do I start Google Hangouts?

    Open the Google+website. In the bottom-right corner of the window will be a link to create a Hangout party.

  • Describe the gathering and invite people. Once you start the Hangout,you will be prompted to enter a description and add people to the invite list.
  • Start chatting.
  • Capture images.
  • Share YouTube videos.
  • Display your screen.
  • Add effects to the video.
  • How to get started with Google Hangouts? Simply visit the Google Hangouts website and sign in using your Google account.

  • Gmail: Google Hangouts is included and turned on in Gmail by default.
  • The Google Hangouts desktop app or extension: In the Chrome Web Store,you can download an app or extension for Google Hangouts.
  • How do I contact Hangouts?

    If you’ve been in contact with this person on Google Hangouts,their information will appear in the dropdown menu

  • If you haven’t contacted this person on Google Hangouts,the option to invite them on Google Hangouts will show up.
  • You can also view their profile by tapping More > View Profile.