Why is my Honda mower hard starting?

Common solutions for: Honda Lawn mower is hard to start. The carburetor might be clogged. A clogged carburetor is most commonly caused by leaving fuel in the hedge trimmer for a long period of time. Over time, some of the ingredients in the fuel may evaporate, leaving behind a thicker, stickier substance.

How do I know if my lawn mower coil is bad?

Replace the original wire with the in-line spark tester, and attempt to start the motor. Watch for the same intensity of a spark that you saw when the mower was cold, If there is little or no spark, the ignition coil is bad and needs replacement.

Why do small engine ignition coils fail?

Why Do Small Engine Ignition Coils Fail? It is most likely caused by improper wirework from the ground wire all the way to the battery voltage that leads to failure.

Why is my ignition coil not firing?

There are a few reasons for no spark, new coil pack could be defective, crank sensor, ignition module or bad wire in primary circuit, faulty ECM/PCM. You may have to have a good technician have a look, diagnose and estimate repair.

Are small engine coils interchangeable?

Each coil is manufactured specifically for the vehicle and can’t interchange between suppliers.

What makes a coil go bad?

Ignition coils tend to fail because of bad spark plugs or plug wires. If your vehicle’s fuel-to-oxygen mixture is either rich or lean, therefore, your ignition coils may fail prematurely. Additionally, engine heat and vibrations can cause damage to ignition coils.

What are the parts of a Honda hr173 lawn mower?

These Honda HR173 Lawn Mower Parts may include: Blades, Front Wheel, Rear Wheel, Spark Plug, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, and Handle Washer, Handle Nut, Handle Bolt, and Replacement Bag

What is the manufacturer number for hr173 PDA?

Honda Power Equipment HR173 PDA – MA2R 1000001-6000000 Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts at Shank’s Lawn Honda

What kind of engine does a hr173 have?

The HR173 uses the L-head GV ( not GXV) series. In this case it is the GV100 with a bore of 52mm (2.047 in.) and stroke of 46mm (1.811 in.) for a displacement of 97.69 cc (5.96 cu. in.) and approximate HP is 2.5 @ 3600 RPM. This mower was sold approximately between 1984-1989.

What is the difference between the Honda HRX and HRR series?

The HRX series is the ultimate self-propelled lawn mower with Honda’s exclusive Versamow System TM that allows you to mulch, partially mulch, bag, rear discharge or shred leaves. The HRR series has great features for a great value. The HRS series are quality side discharge mowers built to last.