Who is Ozen?

Even among her fellow White Whistles, Ozen is renowned for her incredible physical strength. She is a mysterious person, shrouded by countless rumors that are absurd, but hard to refute. Ozen lives at the Seeker Camp within the 2 nd layer of the Abyss, where she commands a small team of cave raiders known as the Subterranean Bandits.

What is the meaning of derrotar?

a. to defeat (an army or team) No resultó difícil derrotar a un ejército ya derrotado por el frío extremo.It wasn’t difficult to defeat an army already defeated by the extreme cold. b. to beat (a team) Nuestro equipo derrotó a su contrincante con 3-0.Our team beat its opponent 3-0.

What does Ozen give Reg and Riko?

After the training, Ozen tells Reg and Riko the Abyss causes a person’s sense of time to get lost to the point of the possibility time moving far slower in the lower layers. She also shares secrets only known to White Whistle Delvers with them, and gives the Artifact, Blaze Reap, to Riko.

What happened to Lyza and Ozen?

By the time they reached the 4 th layer and found the Unheard Bell, she and Lyza were one of the few survivors of the descent. Sometime after the discovery of the Unheard Bell, Ozen was forced to help Lyza give birth. Unfortunately, Lyza’s child was stillborn. On a whim, Ozen took the child’s corpse and placed it inside the Curse-Warding Box.