How old is Yuuki Code:Breaker?

Although his true age is unknown, it is implied that he is the youngest Code:Breaker. Meaning that he is under the age of 16, yet, it is also revealed he is over the age of 12. Most people believe he is around the age of 15.

What is Yuuki’s power?

As a Princess Knight, Yuuki has the power to strengthen his allies and allow them to temporarily surpass their limits to unleash more powerful versions of their skills called “Union Bursts”.

Does Sakura like Ogami?

Ogami is supposed to eliminate any witnesses to his powers, but cannot kill Sakura as she neutralizes all Code:Breakers’ powers. This initially interests Rei in Sakura, if only as a Rare Kind. As the story progresses, Ogami is charged with the protection of the Rare Kind, subsequently growing more fond of Sakura.

Is code breaker anime good?

Enjoyment: Even with all generic story and annoying characer, I have to say that it’s still fairly entertaining show…. just aproach it as something to sit back and relax for 20 minutes. Code Breaker was probably one of the animes i had more faith to be good when it came out.

Who is Yuuki Tenpouin?

Yuuki Tenpouin (天宝院 遊騎, Tenpouin Yuuki) is a Code:Breaker whose codename is Code: 03. He has the ability to manipulate sound. Yuuki has dark red hair. His hair is wild, going spiky in the back but splits to two sides to cover his ears. He usually wears a long-sleeve white jacket hoodie with black combat boots.

What is the relationship between Toki and Yukihina?

Yukihina often acts as Yuuki’s guardian afterwards, watching over Yuuki and controlling Yuuki’s childish impulses. Yuuki’s and Toki’s relationship can be considered rather complicated. Though he thinks of Yuuki as immature and childish, Toki is somewhat friends with him.

What does Yuuki look like in his lost form?

His Lost Form is a red cat with simple, black eyes, but he keeps his necklace on. After the invocation of the Voice of Life, Yuuki has long white hair with long fringes and a more muscular and adult-like body, and he noticeably grows to be Yukihina’s height. However, his mental age does not change with his appearance.

How intelligent is Yuuki Inoue?

High Intellect: Despite his rather odd and unusual behavior, Yuuki has been known to be extremely intelligent. He graduated from the famous Cambridge University at only 12 years old, which literally is amazing as there are no known people (even among high status) that are are able to graduate at such a young age.