Is Star Trek: Nemesis bad?

Star Trek: Nemesis is a universally disliked film, even by members of its main cast who have also leveled criticism at the sequel’s director. Star Trek: Nemesis is one of the most disliked movies in the Star Trek franchise, with even members of its cast leveling criticism at the sequel.

Where is Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: Nemesis?

Wesley is seen at the left edge of the screen, during the wedding reception, in Starfleet uniform depicting his rank as Lieutenant in Engineering yellow.

How was Worf in Nemesis?

Worf returned to The Next Generation cast in Nemesis not only as a member of Starfleet but a crew member aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. His time as an ambassador had evaporated, and the reason behind his sudden reappearance in Starfleet wasn’t revealed onscreen.

Is Nemesis the last Star Trek?

In 2002, Star Trek Nemesis became the final feature film to feature the TNG crew and famously ended with Data’s death.

Why is Star Trek Nemesis hated?

Why is Nemesis hated so much? Because it managed to do what no other Star Trek film could: it sucked so bad it killed the franchise for almost a decade.

Did Star Trek Nemesis lose money?

The film was a box office failure, earning $67 million worldwide against a $60 million budget. Plans for a final film featuring The Next Generation cast were scrapped, and the film series was rebooted instead with Star Trek in 2009, which was a box office success.

What happened to Worf after nemesis?

After TNG ends, Worf gets moved to the Deep Space Nine space station where he eventually marries the Trill symbiont Jadzia Dax. (See “You Are Cordially Invited”.) On DS9, Worf misses the Enterprise-D “family” that he had, often bemoaning the cut-rate work ethic and unfriendliness on the wayward outpost.

Why was Worf demoted?

Starfleet’s losses in ships and crew during the D war would necessitated that experienced officers such as Worf would have to be promoted and take command. Worf accepting a position other than command grade even if he wanted to rejoin the fleet would be a demotion.

What happened to Data after Nemesis?

Data’s physical body and his positronic brain were indeed destroyed in Star Trek: Nemesis, but his essence and memories (up to the point where he sacrificed his life) survived because the android downloaded his memory engrams into B-4, his imperfect android “brother”.