How do I look up a criminal case in Illinois?

How do I find a court record in person?

  1. Go to the Clerk’s office at the courthouse where the court case was filed, see the Illinois Court’s website.
  2. Give the Clerk the case number and ask to see the case file; or if you do not know the case number, most clerks have computers to search by name.

What does a circuit clerk do in WV?

The circuit clerk serves as the court’s statistician preparing monthly statistical reports which are submitted to the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals and other state agencies.

What circuit is WV?

The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit is one of twelve regional appellate courts within the federal judicial system. The court hears appeals from the nine federal district courts in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina and from federal administrative agencies.

How many circuit courts are in West Virginia?

There are thirty-one circuit courts in West Virginia with a total of seventy-five circuit judges. Circuit courts are West Virginia’s only general jurisdiction trial courts of record.

Where is the Piatt County Clerk located?

Find 8 external resources related to Piatt County Clerk. The Piatt County Clerk, located in Monticello, Illinois, is the official keeper of public records for Piatt County. The Clerk’s office ensures that public records are retained, archived, and made accessible to the public in accordance with all laws and regulations.

Where is the Piatt County Courthouse in Illinois?

Piatt County Courthouse. 101 W. Washington St. P.O. Box 558. Monticello, IL 61856. 217-762-9487 — County Clerk. 217-762-4966 — Circuit Clerk.

How did Piatt County get its name?

Named for James A. Piatt, Sr., who settled in area of the present county in 1829, coming from Indiana. 1841 – 1842 — Monticello — Temporary designation.