What kind of jeans are good for motorcycle?

MCN’s favourite riding jeans:

  • Bull-It Mens Vintage SR6 Easy. MCN Rated.
  • Bull-it Covert Evo Riding Jeans. The best waterproof jeans.
  • Bull-it Ladies Eclipse Slim Covec Jeans.
  • Draggin Holeshot Aramid Fibre Jeans.
  • Draggin Ladies Twista Aramid Jeans.
  • Hood K7-AA Jeans.
  • Resurgence Pekev Heritage Ladies Jeans.
  • Spidi J & Dyneema Jeans.

Are denim jeans good for motorcycle riding?

The reason why regular jeans are not a good choice for motorcycle riding is because denim on its own has very low tensile strength. This means regular jeans will shear and disintegrate almost immediately if you were to fall off your motorcycle at speed.

Are motorcycle riding jeans worth it?

For years, this meant riding around in plain, thick cotton, but with the introduction of Kevlar and other aramid linings, while they’re potentially not as safe as leathers can be, a good-quality pair of motorcycle riding jeans can offer very good protection, while still looking great off the bike.

Are Kevlar jeans bullet proof?

Yes, the same material used in bulletproof vests. Fortunately, unless you have some very bad habits, you won’t need to worry about how bulletproof your Kevlar jeans are. Instead, you just need to worry about how far you’re likely to slide in a crash. The addition of Kevlar adds significant resistance to abrasion.

What type of Kevlar is used in motorcycle jeans?

Kevlar 129 is DuPont’s Kevlar fabric rated for motorcycle use. Anything less won’t be enough to protect you from road rash.

Are Kevlar jeans comfortable?

There are even some brands especially made for women, like the Motogirl Leggings. Whilst not a denim pant, they fit into the category of casual protective gear and with an AA safety rating they are an excellent and comfortable alternative to jeans.

What are Kevlar pants?

Critical-area Kevlar jeans are lined with 100 % Kevlar in the buttocks, the crotch, the knees and the ankles. These jeans are the middle ground between the Kevlar weave and the fully-lined Kevlar jeans.

Are Kevlar motorcycle jeans bulletproof?

Just remember Kevlar® & Aramid jeans aren’t bulletproof so don’t do anything stupid! Amongst a huge range of helmets, clothing and accessories you can find a great selection of Kevlar Jeans to suit any style and budget on our website with Free UK Delivery, Price Matching, and interest-free credit.

Can you wash Kevlar jeans?

Kevlar jeans are the easiest to look after Just like with a textile riding suit, you need to remove the armor pads from your jeans and make sure all the zips are done up. Other than that, however, you can happily throw your Kevlar in the washing machine, use a short cycle with cold water, then tumble dry.

Is Cordura better than Kevlar?

Believe it or not, pure Kevlar fabric actually is much less abrasion resistant than Cordura Nylon. This quality is not important for bulletproof vests. Kevlar fibers have far less elasticity than Cordura Nylon fibers, a crucial handicap.

Is covec better than Kevlar?

A significant distinction of Bull-It jeans is the use of Covec for abrasion resistance instead of Kevlar or other more common materials. According to Bull-It, Covec offers better protection than Kevlar.

Are Kevlar motorcycle jeans a good option?

Yes, if you want to look good when you’re off the bike but still have decent levels of protection when you’re on it then kevlar motorcycle jeans are a good option. Are motorcycle jeans safe? Broadly speaking yes but there are many different brands of jeans out there all with different levels of protection.

What are the best motorcycle jeans for riding?

Kevlar motorcycle jeans are a great choice if you want decent levels of protection when out riding but you don’t want to look too biker when you’re off the bike.

What is Kevlar and why is it used on motorcycles?

It’s used in motorcycle circles in the same way that Hoover is used to describe a vacuum cleaner. Kevlar is actually a brand name trademarked by DuPont. Kevlar is ‘just’ another aramid fibre, which is great at resisting tearing and abrasion, making them great for motorcycle protective clothing.

Are YKK jeans good for motorcycles?

They’re a quality motorcycle-specific jean with Covec lining, a waterproof coating, pickets for hip and knee armour, triple-stitched seams, and YKK zips. They’re not as protective as other jeans in this review but they’re a far safer bet than regular casual jeans.