Who wrote Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja?

Bharatendu HarishchandraAndher nagari / PlaywrightBharatendu Harishchandra was an Indian poet, writer and playwright. He was an author of several dramas, life sketches and travel accounts; he used new media such as reports, publications, letter to the editor, translations, and literary works to shape public opinion. Wikipedia

What is the meaning of Andher Nagari Chaupat Raja?

a city of chaos, lawlessness.

What are the Titlesof King Chaupat?

6) What are the titles of King Chaupat? king, o merciful king, Royal Lord, Your majesty, O just king, Your most Esteemed Highness.

Do you like to settle in the kingdom of Andher Nagari?

1 Answer. Yes, I think the land of Andher Nagari is a good land to settle in because it is the only land where everything is sold at the same price. There will be no complications. We can settle there very well even if our income is low.

Why did disciples visit Andher Nagari?

He was impressed by the fact that everything in the market is sold at the same price. So it was a good idea to settle in that land. So to pay his respects to the mighty King Chaupat, the disciple had come to Andher Nagari.

Who wrote the popular drama Andher Nagari?

‘Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja’, penned by Bhartendu Harishchandra in 1881, is considered one of the most popular plays of modern Hindi drama.

What is the name of the Andher Nagari’s King?

When the noose of the gallows came out from the neck of the thin Kotwal, the king ordered to hang a fat man. In the sixth act, preparations have been completed to hang Govardhan Das in the crematorium.

Is the mortar makers excuse believable?

According to the Mortar-maker, he poured water with an extraordinary large mouth-pot into the mortar mixture. The excess water was poured down because of a useless pot made by the potter. It was not a believable excuse as pouring water can be controlled by us.

Do you think this is a good land to settle?

Land is a very important natural resource. Because all human population are settled in land and all the human activities are as well as done on land. that might be grazing, building industries.. and many more. Land is the basic need for all even for animals.

Why did a disciple of the wise sage from the Ghanghor Forest come to Andher Nagari?

What is the name of the forest from where a visitor came in in Andher Nagari?

Answer: A disciple of the Wise Sage from the Ghangor forest had heard amazing stories about Andher Nagari and the great King Chaupat.