What bolt pattern is a 2013 Toyota Tundra?

The bolt pattern of the Toyota Tundra second generation (2010-2013) is 5x 5.91″ (5 x 150mm). The wheel has 5 bolt holes, and the diameter through the bolt holes is 150mm (or 5.91″).

Is 5×150 the same as 5×5?

No. In the phrase “5×5,” the first “5” refers to the number of wheel studs that your wheel mounts onto. For the Jeep, it is 5.

What is the Toyota Tundra bolt pattern?

5 Lug Toyota Tundra Wheels – 2007 & Newer – 5×150 Bolt Pattern. In 2007, Toyota introduced the redesigned Tundra sporting a new. 5 lug 5×150 bolt pattern, that sent aftermarket wheel manufacturer’s into a frenzy.

What does 5×150 bolt pattern mean?

The 5×150 Bolt Pattern or Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) is made up of the stud count (5) and the bolt circle measurement (150), the notional circle determined by the center position of the studs. The 5×150 bolt pattern is common to FAW Toyota, Lexus and Toyota vehicles.

What is the wheel bolt pattern on a Toyota?

The wheel bolt pattern for the 2000 through 2020 model vehicles with 2wd is 5 lug 4.5 inch or 114.3mm high positive offset. If you have a 4wd vehicle, it is 6 lug, 5.5 inch or 139.7mm medium offset.

What is the wheel size of a Toyota Tundra?

Toyota Tundra wheel specs and tire sizes (2013 — ….) Bolt pattern (PCD): 5 × 150 Center Bore (CB): 110.5 Thread size (THD): 14 x 1.5 Diameter: 18 — 20 Width: 255 — 275 Aspect ratio: 55 — 70 Smallest — Largest tire size: 255/70R18 — 275/55R20

What is the bolt pattern on a Toyota Tundra?

Toyota Tundra wheel specs and tire sizes (1999 – 2006) Bolt pattern (PCD): 6 × 139.7 Center Bore (CB): 106.1 Thread size (THD): 12 x 1.5

What is the Stock tire size for a 07 tundra?

Hi,Paige,The stock tire size for 07 is 255/70R18,245/70R16 for 03.But these two tires are not compatible. Hi,Gregg Richardson,Can you explain your question?I can help you confirm it. Would my 2011 tundra rims fit on newer tundra? Are they the same to my replacement 2019 tundra? Hi,Ron wurm,YES,they are compatible.

Will factory 20 inch alloy rims fit on 2014 Tundra CrewMax?

Will factory 20 inch alloy rims from a 2007 Tundra Crewmax fit on a 2014 Tundra Crewmax that currently has 20 inch rims? Yes–all rims that fit a 2007 model Tundra will also fit your 2014.