Is there parking at the Indiana State Museum?

Parking is available in the attached White River State Park underground parking garage on Washington Street and in nearby garages, or in the White River State Park South Lot. For more information about other parking locations in the area, visit the Indianapolis Downtown parking site.

How much are tickets to Indiana State Museum?

USD8.95 – USD13.95 ⋅ indianamuseum.orgIndiana State Museum / Tickets

What does the Indiana State Museum have?

Welcome to the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites—a statewide museum network with 12 locations across Indiana. Here, we use our collection of artifacts (everything from mastodon bones to T.C. Steele paintings) and our state’s most culturally significant sites to tell larger stories around bigger themes.

Where do you park for White River State Park?

Marriott Place Garage501 West Washington Street (42 feet E)

  • White River State Park South Lot801 West Washington Street (136 feet SW)
  • Government Center South Bldg. Garage402 West Washington Street (988 feet E)
  • Victory Field Lot501 West Maryland Street (0.2 miles SW)
  • How many museums are in Indiana?

    From art to cars to the stars and much more, there are lots of reasons to get out and visit an Indiana museum for discounted or free admission during Visit Indiana Week. Museum Monday is set for May 7, 2018, with discounted or free entry at 29 museums around the state. View all of the Museum Monday discounts below.

    Where was the old Indiana State Museum?

    1967. In 1967, the Indiana State Museum opened its doors in its first real home at 202 N. Alabama St., the previous location of the Indianapolis City Hall.. It had four floors and a basement in which to develop exhibits, store and preserve collections, and provide office space for staff.

    How much are tickets to the Eiteljorg Museum?

    USD12 – USD15 ⋅ eiteljorg.orgEiteljorg Museum / Tickets

    Is parking free at White River State Park?

    Parking fee applies 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Parking in bus lanes is not allowed without prior approval and/or payment in advance. Bus lane rates vary by day and event.

    Does it cost to get into White River State Park?

    It is not managed by Indiana DNR. This urban cultural park is a collection of museums, attractions, fun rentals, public green spaces and trails in downtown Indianapolis. Both the White River and The Canal flow through the park. There is no entrance fee to White River State Park itself.

    Where do I Park for an IMAX movie?

    Where do I park? Free validated parking is available, when you purchase an IMAX admission, in the attached WRSP underground parking garage on Washington Street. Guests will enter the WRSP underground garage from Washington Street.

    Where is the IMAX theater located at the Indiana State Museum?

    The IMAX® theater is located on Level One at the Indiana State Museum. We understand that visitors’ needs vary, and our visitor services staff is available to help you make the most of your visit. The Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites is proud to participate in the Access Pass program. Visit for just $2 per family member per visit!

    Is the Indiana State Museum open on Mondays?

    The Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites is closed Mondays, with the exception of New Harmony State Historic Site. The Indiana State Museum will remain open on Mondays during fall break, spring break and the month of December. The Indiana State Museum is closed on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Where is the parking garage at Eiteljorg Museum?

    For the underground parking garage. Enter on the right between Eiteljorg Museum and IMAX® Theater and Indiana State Museum on Washington Street just west of West Street. For the surface parking lot. Enter to the right at the light at the intersection of West Washington Street just past the White River State Park Visitor’s Center and Schumacher Way.