What is the best book about Teresa of Avila?

The best books on Saint Teresa of Avila

  • The Book of Her Life. by Teresa of Avila.
  • Imperial Spain 1469-1716. by JH Elliott.
  • The Avila of Saint Teresa: Religious Reform in a Sixteenth-Century City. by Jodi Bilinkoff.
  • Ruth Burrows: Essential Writings. by Ruth Burrows.
  • Teresa of Avila: Doctor of the Soul. by Peter Tyler.

When did Teresa of Avila write her autobiography?

Her Life of the Mother Teresa of Jesus (1611) is autobiographical; the Book of the Foundations (1610) describes the establishment of her convents.

What is one famous book St Teresa of Avila wrote?

Teresa of Avila’s 16th century work “The Way of Perfection” is a classic of Christian literature which was written for the nuns of the order she founded.

What can we learn from St Teresa of Avila?

With a heart inflamed with love, St. Teresa of Avila taught people one of the most powerful lessons – to look for God within themselves; To pray with their own words and to seek to hear God’s voice – not Outside themselves, but in their own Interior, which she called, the “Interior Castle.”

Is there more than one St Teresa?

Saint Teresa of Ávila (1515–1582), or Teresa of Jesus, Spaniard, founder of the Discalced Carmelites, and Doctor of the Church. Saint Thérèse of Lisieux (1873–1897), or Teresa of the Child Jesus, French Discalced Carmelite nun, and Doctor of the Church.

Why was St Teresa of Avila made a saint?

Two separate miracles of healing were credited to Mother Teresa after her death, which made it possible for her to be canonized as Saint Teresa. Two separate miracles of healing were credited to Mother Teresa after her death, which made it possible for her to be canonized as Saint Teresa.

How did St Teresa of Avila teach us the meaning of prayer?

Teresa’s method of prayer emerges from the awareness that God is a Person. She approaches God as Father, Beloved, Spouse, His Majesty, and most notably, Friend. Her writings explain how to develop this personal relationship. All ascetical practices, attentiveness, and effort, are a result of this awareness.

What is Teresa known for?

During her lifetime Mother Teresa became famous as the Catholic nun who dedicated her life to caring for the destitute and dying in the slums of Calcutta – now known as Kolkata.

Why did Saint Teresa of Avila become a saint?

Who is St Teresa of Avila?

St. Teresa of Avila was a 16th century Spanish Roman Catholic saint. This biography of St. Teresa of Avila provides detailed information about her childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline. Famous: St. Teresa of Avila, also called Saint Teresa of Jesus, was a prominent 16th century Spanish Roman Catholic saint.

What was Teresa of Avila childhood like?

Childhood & Early Life. St. Teresa of Avila was born as Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada on 28 March 1515, in Gotarrendura, Ávila, Crown of Castile (present day Spain). Her father, Alonso Sánchez de Cepeda, was a very strict man while her mother, Beatriz de Ahumada y Cuevas, was a religious and kind woman.

What did St Teresa do for the Carmelites?

She was the originator of the Carmelite Reform, which restored and emphasized the austerity and contemplative character of primitive Carmelite life. St. Teresa was elevated to doctor of the church in 1970 by Pope Paul VI, the first woman to be so honoured. Who is St. Teresa of Ávila?

Is the autobiography of Teresa of Ávila public domain?

The Autobiography of Teresa of Ávila TRANSLATED & EDITED BY E. ALLISON PEERS FROM THE CRITICAL EDITION OF P. SILVERIO DE SANTA TERESA, C. D. Scanned by Harry Plantinga, planting@cs.pitt.edu, 1995 This electronic text is in the public domain 2 To the Gracious Memory of P. EDMUND GURDON Sometime Prior of the Carthusian Monastery of Miraflores