Did VJ Rakshan get married?

Rakshan more popularly known as VJ Rakshan (born 16 April 1991) is an Indian television presenter currently working with Star Vijay….

Born 16 April 1991 Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Occupation Radio Jockey, television presenter, actor
Years active 2014–present
Spouse(s) Saranya

Are Rakshan and Jacqueline relationship?

Over the years Rakshan was rumoured to have been dating Jacqueline and recently also was embroiled in a controversy that he had an intimate relationship with the late actress Chithra who died by suicide last year. However he denied both the allegations but never let his personal details out even to his close friends.

What is the age of Rakshan?

30 years (April 16, 1991)Rakshan / Age

Why did Rakshan hid his marriage?

At this point he is currently explaining to fans the question of why VJ Rakshan hid his marriage for 10 years. In it he states that ‘the success of true love is what makes everyone look back on how we fell in love rather than saying how we fall in love every day in our status’.

Is Jacqueline A Lydia?

Jacquline Lydia is also known as Jacquline Y S, Jacqueline is an Actress from India. Age 26 years (08 February 1996) born in Pannur, Tamil Nadu, India….Biography Facts.

Name Jacquline Lydia
Birth Place Pannur, Tamil Nadu, India
Residence Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Age 26 Years
Height 155 cm

What is the salary of Rakshan?

Salary: 12-18k Per Episode (Approx.) Net-worth: 55 Lakhs (Approx.)

What is the salary of Ma Ka Pa Anand?

Ma Ka Pa is the highest paying anchor in Star Vijay. His salary will be 1 lakh per episode.

Who is makapa wife?

Suzane GeorgeMa Ka Pa Anand / Wife

Is Rakshan married for 10 years?

On Valentines Day Rakshan for the first time posted a pic of his wife and surprised his fans on ‘Cooku With Comali’ revealing that he is married for ten years and also has a child. The question on fans mind was why the young celebrity who impressed in his debut movie ‘Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal’ hid his marriage.

Who is Rakshan from kalakapovathu Yaru?

Affairs / Girlfriend Jacqueline Fernandas (Anchor) Rakshan is an Indian television anchor and serial actor of Tamil Industry. Moreover, he is a well-known host of the television reality show Kalakapovathu Yaru Season 5, which is one of the most popular reality comedy shows that telecasted on Star Vijay.

Did you know Rakshan’s close friends were kept in the dark?

The surprising thing is that even Rakshan’s close friends from various shows on Vijay TV were kept in the dark about his wife and child. It is said that he decided to open up to celebrate ten years of love with his wife.

Who is Anirudh Rakshan?

Rakshan is a TV anchor and VJ who was born and raised in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. During his school and college years, he used to do anchoring. After completing his graduation, he started anchoring professionally.