Who is Dante from Arrow?

Adrian Paul
Arrow never did a good job convincing us Diaz was the true Big Bad of Season 7, and now we know why. After teasing a new enemy for several episodes, “Brothers & Sisters” finally introduces Dante (Adrian Paul) — in a major way.

Why is Ricardo Diaz after Oliver Queen?

After seemingly attempting to destroy Star City, he was apprehended and to be traded to the F.B.I. in exchange for Oliver’s freedom. However, Diaz instead launched a takeover of Slabside Maximum Security Prison, having been brought in purposefully in order to kill Oliver.

What did Oliver do to Diaz?

After he poses as a visitor, Oliver tries to warn the guards, but they think they can handle Diaz. Spoiler alert: They can’t. Diaz incites a riot and kills a few guards. When he and Oliver finally face off with the prison burning around them, Oliver stabs Diaz and leaves him bleeding (but alive) in his cell.

Who kills Dante in Arrow?

Emiko Adachi
“Dante” (died April 22, 2019) was a terrorist financier, the second-in-command of the Ninth Circle and an ally of the Longbow Hunters. He was later killed by a vengeful Emiko Adachi; in retaliation for ordering the death of her mother, Kazumi Adachi.

Who burned Diaz Arrow?

Emiko may have acted as an enforcer on Dante’s behalf, and killed Diaz in order to settle the score between the two men.

What drug did Ricardo Diaz take?

Mirakuru was a serum that gave Deathstroke (Manu Bennett) superhuman strength. In last week’s episode, Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) injected himself with a serum that appeared to have a similar effect. Mirakuru was introduced in Arrow season 2 as a super soldier serum created by the Japanese during World War II.

Who killed Diaz?

Emiko kills Diaz. The season features flash-forwards twenty years into the future to Oliver’s now adult son William (Ben Lewis) who seeks out Roy Harper on Lian Yu, where they discover instructions left by Felicity leading them back to Star City.

Is Sebastian blood and Adrian Chase the same person?

Even their masks share similar, monstrous characteristics. Beyond that, actors Josh Segarra and Kevin Alejandro — who play Adrian Chase and Sebastian Blood, respectively — both share a striking resemblance to one another. Check out of comparison below to see for yourself.