What size should Facebook OG image be?

about 1200 pixels by 630 pixels
The suggested size for a Facebook Open Graph image is about 1200 pixels by 630 pixels and should not be more than 8 MB, so remember to optimise the image. The recommended size is on the Facebook Developers page – Images in Link Shares. The minimum requirement is 200 by 200 pixels.

What size should OG images be?

1200×630 pixels
Open Graph Image lowdown The recommended size for a lowdown OG image is 1200×630 pixels so that you can get a big rectangle picture under the post text. Images that are under 600 pixels will display to the left of the OG title.

What is OG image Facebook?

og:image. The URL of the image that appears when someone shares the content to Facebook.

What is a OG image?

An open graph image or OG image is the image that appears when you post website or video content to your social accounts. It is part of an important group of meta tags that influence the performance of your content link on social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter.

What is OG image alt?

og:image:alt – A description of what is in the image (not a caption).

How do I give an image an OG?

You can set a custom og:image on a page by page basis. Just go to Page Settings > Social Image > Upload. If you need to add other OG tags and customize the default settings, go to Page Settings > Advanced > Page Header Code Injection. Read the following section on adding the tags manually and copy-paste the code there.

How do I change my OG photo on Facebook?

You can update any post yourself manually by following these steps:

  1. Paste your URL into the Sharing Debugger tool.
  2. Click “Debug”.
  3. You’ll get a detailed list of information about the post.
  4. Insert your link into Debugger once again and reload Facebook OG data.
  5. Insert the link again in the post you want to update.

What is OG in SEO?

og:url This Open Graph tag is particularly useful if you have more than one URL for the same content and want to designate one for all your social shares. This tag will dictate the canonical URL for your page.

How can I see the OG image?

If you have implemented OG tags in your website and you want to check them. You can go to smallseotools.com and use the OG checker tool. Once you navigate to the website; enter the URL of the website you want the meta og checker tool to check. It will run a check and if it finds the tags it will display them.

Can OG image be SVG?

Does not support SVG images. The Open Graph Object Debugger will say it is not an image.

How do I add OG tags on Facebook?

This feature is enabled by default.

  1. Log in to your WordPress website. When you’re logged in, you will be in your ‘Dashboard’.
  2. Click on ‘SEO’.
  3. Click on ‘Social’.
  4. Click on the ‘Facebook’ tab.
  5. Toggle the ‘Add Open Graph meta data’ switch.
  6. Customize your Open Graph tags.
  7. Click ‘Save Changes’.

What size image is best for Facebook?

– Show up on page at 820 x 312 pixels. – Average minimum size of 400 x 150 pixels. – Generally showcases at 820 x 312 pixels on your desktop and 640 x 360 pixels on your cell phones. – For best outcomes, upload a sRGB JPG record under 100 KB. – Pictures with a logo or text might be best as a PNG file.

What is the best photo size for Facebook?

Facebook Feed: Displayed inline as a standard Facebook post;

  • Facebook Right Column: The small spot at the bottom of the right sidebar in Facebook on Desktop only;
  • Facebook Instant Articles: This is a specialized article format for delivering fast-loading articles on mobile;
  • What are the sizes of Facebook pictures?

    The ideal image sizes for Instagram,Facebook,Twitter,and more

  • Specific pixel heights and widths for all the major social networks and all their various content types
  • How to crop and resize images to fit the ideal aspect ratios
  • How do you resize a picture on Facebook?

    – “Original” will revert your image to its original dimensions. – “Freeform” will let you crop the image however you’d like, by dragging your fingers from the sides of the image inward. – “Square” will cut off the sides of your image so it can fit into a square.