What is the fastest way to level up in Ragnarok Online?

With this Ragnarok X leveling guide, you will be able to gain more EXP for leveling fast.

  1. Farming Based On Monster Levels. Refer to the recommended monster list to level up your ROX character.
  2. AFK Grinding By Forming Party.
  3. Use Odin’s Blessing.
  4. Stacking CoC Missions.
  5. Complete the Entire Carnival.

Where can I level up classic Ragnarok?


  1. Leveling Spots. Prontera Culvert 4 Low-level. Toy Monitoring Room Toy Factory 2: Low-level. Orc Dungeon Level 2: Low-level. Clock Tower B4f 70+ (125+ hit) Inside Ancient Shrine Tamruans: 80+ Sphinx Level 4: 80+ West Kokomo Beach 80+
  2. For Homunculus AFK leveling spots, please also see the Homunculus System page.

How do I become an alchemist in Ragnarok classic?

1. Proceed to Al De Baran. The building in the southwest corner is the Alchemist Guild. Inside, talk to the Alchemist Guildsman alde_alche27185 to sign up to become an Alchemist.

How do you make an embryo with Ro?

To make an Embryo, use the skill Prepare Potion along with the materials from Al de Baran Material Selling. Possessing all the skills needed, start by using your Pharmacy skill, and a list will appear showing you the names of the potions you can create, including the Embryo. Choose “Embryo” and click “OK” to create it.

How do I get Odin blessing?

Tips to get Odin’s Blessing All you have to do is hang out and chill in Prontera between 12:00 PM and 8:00 PM daily to obtain lots of blessings. For every 30 seconds that you stay, you’ll gain 10 Odin’s Blessing. Get up to 600 blessings every day.

Where do I level IRO?


  • Eden Group Leveling Quests. The Eden Group Leveling Quests are a great place to start.
  • Weekly Turn Ins (Gramps) Each week, there are Weekly Turn-In Events offered.
  • Bounty Board Quests.
  • EXP Quests.
  • General Tactics.
  • Aggressive Monster Tactics.
  • Equipment.
  • Memo-able Maps.

Where is the greatest general in Ragnarok?

Greatest General is the guardian of a village that has been beyond people’s interest….

Greatest General
Element Fire
Natural Habitat Payon Forest, Payon Cave

What is renewal Ro?

Renewal is a comprehensive system-wide revamp of Ragnarok Online. Stats, Skills, EXP, Level limits, monster placement and other mechanics are all modified. Third Class jobs are also added, allowing players to break the Base Level limit of 99 in effect since the game’s inception.

What is the job of an alchemist?

Alchemist: Someone Who Transforms Things for the Better Alchemists believed that lead could be “perfected” into gold, that diseases could be cured, and that life could be prolonged through transmutation, or a change of some essential element into a superior form.

How do I know if Odin’s blessing is on?

Odin’s Blessing is always turned off by default. To activate it, simply tap on the Odin icon located at the top of your screen. When activated you’ll get the following buffs: 5x Base job experience.

Does Odin’s blessing effect card drop rate?

“Odin Blessing does not affect the Card’s drop rate.

What is the fastest way to level as an alchemist?

All you need to do is use a 2x Orc Lady, 1x Hydra, 1x Vadon Orcish Axe [4], with a Water Endow. Teleport around and Mammonite the High Orcs. This is amongst the fastest ways you can level as an Alchemist. Use the 7 Phracon from the Training Grounds for a quick +7 Main Gauche while using Novice Potions to sustain yourself.

What are the recommended leveling spots on Ro GGH?

This post will show you lists of recommended leveling spots on Ro GGH. This post based on a Renewal server like GGH. You can do this quest to get equipment. Eden weapon is better than Npc weapon. It’s good for everyone who new on Ro. I recommended you to do this quest at Lv26, Lv40 and Lv70. This is an hourly quest.

How do I beat the high Orcs as a blacksmith?

All you need to do is use a 2x Orc Lady, 1x Hydra, 1x Vadon Orcish Axe [4], with a Water Endow. Teleport around and Mammonite the High Orcs. The ExpGain on this map is amongst the highest you can achieve right now as a Blacksmith. You can mob them and kill with Cart Revolution, or spam Mammonite.

What is the fastest way to level up in WoW Classic?

For Knight, you can use bowling bash to fast leveling. Hunter and Priest are a great party.… When you change to class2, You should learn skill for leveling at first. Some class change method of leveling like Knight, Wizard.