How much does a trained Friesian horse cost?

about $25,000 to $30,000
Most Friesians on the market are well-trained geldings that spent at least one to three years in the saddle. The average price for this horse is about $25,000 to $30,000.

Where can I buy Dutch Warmbloods?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Dutch Warmbloods are classed as hardy work horses….Red Dead Redemption 2 Dutch Warmblood Locations.

Coat Locations
Sooty Buckskin Scarlett Meadows Stable – After Chapter 2
Seal Brown Strawberry Stable – After Chapter 3

What kind of horse is Anneke’s Friesian?

Welcome to Anneke’s Friesians! Dedicated to the purebred Dutch KFPS Friesian horse since 1981. Home of Friesian stallion Tropical Rider’s Wieger. Happy Spring, Happy Easter! Pics: KFPS Star Stallion Tropical Rider’s Wieger with Anneke in full Tropical Rider outfit. The Easter bunny delivered 2 gorgeous stud colts!

What percentage of Friesian horses receive the star status?

The percentage of our Friesian horses receiving the Star status is 82%. Our successful breeding program includes producing two Provisional Crown mares, three 1st premie mares and two Star stallions! Please look over our website to determine if we have the Friesian foal, Friesian mare or Friesian gelding of your dreams. See our YouTube video here.

Do you breed your mares to Friesian stallions?

We breed our mares only to KFPS approved Friesian breeding stallions. Our preference is to use frozen semen from stallions standing The Netherlands in order to offer you foals sired by KFPS Friesian stallions that aren’t readily available in North America.

What is wind spirit Friesians?

We are a small Friesian horse breeding farm on 25 acres in Argyle, Texas. Argyle is located between Dallas and Denton. Our mission at Wind Spirit Friesians, is to breed top quality Friesian horses with good character, strong conformation and sportability.