How are blood cells formed?

Blood cells formed in the bone marrow start out as a stem cell. A stem cell is the first phase of all blood cells. As the stem cell matures, several distinct cells evolve. These include the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

What is blood made of PDF?

Blood-Blood is a viscous fluid formed of cellular element suspended in plasma.-The cellular element composed of: Erythrocytes (red blood cells), Leucocytes (white blood cells), and Platelets.-Plasma is a viscous, translucent, yellowish fluid composed of water (90%), proteins (7%), organic salts (1%), and organic …

What are the stages of red blood cell production?

The following stages of development all occur within the bone marrow:

  • A hemocytoblast, a multipotent hematopoietic stem cell, becomes.
  • a common myeloid progenitor or a multipotent stem cell, and then.
  • a unipotent stem cell, then.
  • a pronormoblast, also commonly called an proerythroblast or a rubriblast.

What is the name of blood cells?

Blood cells. Blood contains many types of cells: white blood cells (monocytes, lymphocytes, neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, and macrophages), red blood cells (erythrocytes), and platelets. Blood circulates through the body in the arteries and veins.

Which blood cell is known as scavenger?

Macrophages are cells in the immune system that belong to the phagocyte family, or so-called scavenger cells.

Which bones produce red blood cells?

Red cells are produced continuously in the marrow of certain bones. As stated above, in adults the principal sites of red cell production, called erythropoiesis, are the marrow spaces of the vertebrae, ribs, breastbone, and pelvis.

What is the composition of blood?

Composition of Blood • Formed Elements (45%), i- Red blood cells (erythrocytes). ii- White blood cells (leukocytes). iii-Platelets (thrombocytes) • Fluid medium i.e. the plasma (55%).

What are the three components of a complete blood count?

White Cell count (leukocyte count) 2. Platelet count 3. Red cell count, hemoglobin concentration and red cell indices What Specimen? • Whole blood, uncentrifuged, anticoagulated with EDTA (Purple or lavender cap) Cell Counts • White cells, red cells (erythrocytes) and platelets are counted

What are the stages of erythrocytes?

The stages are as follows: types of blood cells. Myeloid stem cells are partially differentiated cells that give rise to erythrocytes and several other types of blood cells. Nucleated erythroblasts are committed to becoming mature erythrocytes.

What is the percent composition of plasma red blood cells?

Constituents Plasma Red blood cells Water 91-95% 65% Solid 8-9 % 35% Protein 6-8 gm % 31-33% Specific gravity 1.026