Are any of the Masters Apprentices still alive?

Onetime guitarist Peter Tilbrook also released the biography A Masters Apprentice, Living In The Sixties in 2015. Keays died from pneumonia related to multiple myeloma on 13 June 2014….

The Masters Apprentices
Origin Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Genres Pop rock, psychedelic rock, progressive rock

Where are Masters Apprentices from?

Adelaide, AustraliaThe Masters Apprentices / Origin

When did Glenn Wheatley join Masters Apprentices?

Born in Brisbane in 1948, Wheatley’s first foray into music was as part of Brisbane blues band Bay City Union. He joined the Masters Apprentices in 1968, and in the four years he played with the band they had several hits, including ‘Bridgette’, ‘5:10 Man’ ‘Because I Love You’ and ‘Turn Up Your Radio’.

Who was the lead singer of Masters Apprentices?

Jim Keays
Australian rock legend Jim Keays, lead singer of The Masters Apprentices, has died at the age of 67. He had been suffering from pneumonia due to complications from a lengthy battle with cancer. The Masters Apprentices formed in 1965 in Adelaide, with the band’s music described as raw rhythm and blues.

Where was the Little River band from?

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Little River Band (LRB) is a rock band originally formed in Melbourne, Australia in March 1975. The band achieved commercial success in both Australia and the United States….

Little River Band
Origin Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Genres Rock AOR pop rock soft rock
Years active 1975–present

Who were the original members of The Masters Apprentices?

The Masters Apprentices feature 4 original 1960s members of this iconic band including original members Mick Bower (guitarist /founder and principal composer), Brian Vaughton (drums), Gavin Webb (bass) and Rick Harrison (guitarist – joined in 1967).

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Who is Glenn Wheatley wife?

Gaynor MartinGlenn Wheatley / Wife (m. 1982)

Is Jim Keys alive?

June 13, 2014Jim Keays / Date of death

What happened to the original members of Little River Band?

The Little River Band has never officially broken up but over the years all of the original members have left. The brand name is now the property of one time member Stephen Housden.