What is rorqual in English?

Definition of rorqual : any of a family (Balaenopteridae) of large baleen whales that have relatively small heads, short, broad plates of baleen, and the skin of the throat marked with deep longitudinal furrows and that include the blue whale, humpback whale, minke whale, fin whale, and sei whale.

What kind of whales are rorqual?

rorqual, (genus Balaenoptera), any of five particular species of baleen whales—specifically the blue whale, fin whale, sei whale, Bryde’s whale, and minke whale.

How many rorquals are there?

The rorquals, six species in all, make up the largest family of baleen whales.

Are humpbacks rorquals?

There are eight species of rorqual whales: humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae), fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus), Bryde’s whale (Balaenoptera edeni), blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus), northern minke (Balaenoptera acutorostrata), Antarctic minke (Balaenoptera bonaerensis), and sei whale (Balaenoptera borealis).

How big is a rorqual?


Type ID 28352
Mass 800,000,000.00 kg
Mass 800,000,000.00 kg
Radius 1,100.00
radius 1,100.00

Where are rorqual whales found?

Rice’s whale has the smallest distribution of rorquals and possibly baleen whales in general, being endemic to a small portion of the Gulf of Mexico west of the Florida peninsula and south of Alabama and the Florida panhandle, although it likely formerly had a much wider distribution in the Gulf.

Can rorqual go in high sec?

Just wondering (before I fork over large amounts of isk) is a Rorqual able to be used in high sec? No you can’t. Capital ships that you can use in high sec are Orca, common freighter and jump freighter.

Is gray whale a rorqual?

Most rorquals are strictly oceanic: the exceptions are the gray whale, Bryde’s whale, Eden’s whale, and Rice’s whale (which are usually found close to shore all year round) and the humpback whale (which is oceanic but passes close to shore when migrating).

How big is a Rorqual?

Can you dock a Rorqual?

Rorquals can dock at any NPC station, any Outpost in Null, and can dock in a Keepstar, a Fortizar, a Tatara, or a Sotiyo.

Where does the name rorqual come from?

Rorquals take their name from French rorqual, which derives from the Norwegian word røyrkval, meaning “rorqual-whale” (the first element røyr originated from the Old Norse name for this type of whale, reyðr, probably related to the Norse word for “red”). The family name Balaenopteridae is from the type genus, Balaenoptera.

What is a rorqual whale?

Rorquals are the largest group of baleen whales, with nine species in two genera. They include the largest animal that has ever lived, the Blue Whale, which can reach 150 tonnes, and another that reaches 70 tons; even the smallest of the group, the Northern Minke Whale, reaches 9 tonnes. Wikispecies has information on: Rorqual.

Where do rorquals live?

They are known to make mixed groups with other rorquals such as blue whales and sei whales. Their recovery is confirmed vicinity to various subantarctic islands such as South Georgia and Falkland, but unknown in other historical habitats including Campbell Island, Kermadec to Chatham Islands, Tristan da Cunha, and Gough Island .

What are the characteristics of a rorquals?

Rorquals are slender and streamlined in shape, compared with their relatives the right whales, and most have narrow, elongated flippers. They have a dorsal fin, situated about two-thirds the way back. Rorquals feed by gulping in water, and then pushing it out through the baleen plates with their tongue.