How do you get muramasa in Golden Sun?

The Muramasa makes its return in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It can be found in the Harun Channel in a chest shortly after you save Kaba and his father. It has the unleash effects Critical Move, Demonfire, and Zenith Strike.

How do you get Kikuichimonji in Golden Sun?

In Golden Sun, it is dropped by Fenrirs in Venus Lighthouse, although the odds of receiving one are very slim. Being a Light Blade, it can be equipped by Isaac, Garet, and Ivan. Should it be transferred to Golden Sun: The Lost Age, it can also be equipped by Felix, Jenna, and Piers.

How do you get a Sol blade?

In Dark Dawn, the Sol Blade is found in the final area of the game at Apollo Sanctum; after using the Colored Orbs on their respective pedestals and the Apollo Lens starts to get set up, players are to proceed south of the topmost part of the screen to where the Sol Blade is in the ground, and Matthew will draw it out …

What does luck do in Golden Sun?

Luck is the statistic that determines a character’s chance of being inflicted by a status inflicting problem attached to an ability used against you, such as Sleep and Stun. It does not increase your own chance of inflicting said status effects onto opponents, contrary to common belief.

Is Golden Sun turn based?

Golden Sun is a turn-based RPG released exclusively for the Game Boy Advance. It was released in 2001 in both Japan and North America and 2002 in Europe. It was developed by Camelot Software and published by Nintendo.

Is Golden Sun a hard game?

Accessible in Golden Sun 2 and Partially in 1 (only Normal). In short: it’s a Hard mode, almost 100% minimum level game – for Gameboy Advance Players, without access to a VBA and/ or cheating device.

What is the best weapon for Ivan and MIAs?

I think mias best weapon is the wicked mace and ivans and garets best weapons are the k-blade. The Kijomoji or what ever is best for Ivan. How do you get it? Fenirs drop it in the upper levels of the venus lighthouse. No question-these are the best-you have to look beyond pure statistics. I also posted a FAQ about it.

What class is Mia in Golden Sun?

Mia is a character that becomes a permanent part of Isaac ‘s traveling party in Golden Sun early on while exploring the dungeon Mercury Lighthouse. She is the party’s resident Mercury Adept, and she is the only mage-style Mercury Adept playable in either game, which makes her inherent class series the Water Seer class series.

What shippings can Mia be paired with in Golden Sun?

In fact, Mia has been paired with all five male playable characters from the first two Golden Sun games, but while none of the five resulting shippings are rare, Mudshipping and Steamshipping are the most common.

What happened to Mia in Golden Sun?

Nearly every screen from a beta version of Golden Sun shows that Mia was originally planned as a resident of Vale, and be the female lead that accompanies Isaac and Garet in the prologue, playing the role that Jenna would in the final product. Mia was moved to Imil afterward.