Why did Bonzo kill ender?

Ender quickly realizes that Bernard and the other boys pose no true threat—it is Bonzo who wants to kill him. He is able to use Bonzo’s honor to convince his enemy to face him alone, and Bonzo strips to face Ender on equal terms. Ender realizes he must make Bonzo fear him enough never to fight him again.

Why does Ender ultimately choose with Graff?

Why does Ender ultimately decide to go with Graff to battle school? think Ender goes because he knows that the reason he was allowed was to go to battle school. That would mean that all the embarrassment he has been through for being a third would pay off because he would save the world.

Was Ender justified why did they not tell him of the deaths?

Ender was justified because he was a kid, he didn’t mean to kill them, and it was self defense. The teachers didn’t tell him about the deaths because Ender didn’t want to kill them, so if he knew he had, then he wouldn’t do as good at the battle school and think that he was just like Peter, but worse.

What does Alai say to Ender when they part ways?

What does Alai say to Ender when they part ways? Why is it so special for Ender? “Salaam”. It was Alai’s way of showing his true self to Ender.

Which character does Ender have the strongest most loving relationship with?

Valentine Wiggin Valentine is the only person whom Ender truly loves in the world, and she also is the only one who truly loves him. She protects him from Peter when they are very young, before he is shipped to Battle School. Valentine is used twice by Colonel Graff to convince Ender to continue with his studies.

What nickname does Bernard give ender?


Why does Ender hate himself in Chapter 13?

Ender hates himself because he is like Peter, and now his sister, the one person he truly loves, is asking him to go back to being like Peter in order to save her life. It is a tremendous personal sacrifice for Ender to leave earth, but for Valentine he will even destroy himself.