Who is the biggest grime artist?

Tinchy Stryder

Who is the best drill rapper?

Drill Artists

  • Chief Keef. 426,658 listeners.
  • Upgrade Now.
  • Lil Durk. 200,896 listeners.
  • Fredo Santana. 45,933 listeners.
  • King Louie. 32,611 listeners.
  • Lil Reese. 32,461 listeners.
  • Upgrade Now.
  • Lil Bibby. 19,544 listeners.

Why does SL hide his face?

The last thing he wants is to become a target for the media — and mirroring the world of comic books, where vigilantes mask their identities to evade arrest, SL’s ski mask allows him to be the drill rapper he wants to be rather than what the world sees him as.

What is Yo-Yo slang for?

yo-yo in American English 1. a spool-like toy attached to one end of a string upon which it may be made to spin up and down. 2. Slang. a person regarded as stupid, ineffectual, inept, eccentric, etc.

What is y o?

Phrase. y/o. Abbreviation of year(s) old.

Is Stormzy a Millionaire?

Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr., better known by his stage name “Stormzy”, is an English rapper from Thornton Heat….

Net Worth: $25 Million
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Source of Wealth: Professional Rapper
Last Updated: 2021

Who is the most popular UK rapper?

Top 30+ UK Rappers

  1. Stormzy. Watch on Youtube: Stormzy and follow on Instagram: @Stormzy.
  2. Dave. Watch on Youtube: Satan Dave and follow on Instagram: @Satan Dave.
  3. Skepta. Watch on Youtube: Skepta and follow on Instagram: @Skepta.
  4. Aitch.
  5. Bugzy Malone.
  6. AJ Tracey.
  7. Headie One.
  8. Lady Leshurr.

How do drill rappers make money?

The music industry isn’t exactly the most transparent out there. Even with newer industries like content marketing, it’s much easier to find relevant stats and figures. Rappers make money the same way other artists do – digital and physical sales, streaming, tours, merchandise, and so on.

Is drill a rap?

UK drill music is closely related to road rap, a British style of gangsta rap that became popular in the years prior to the existence of drill. Musically, UK drill often exhibits violent language and provocative lyrics.

Who was the first UK rapper?

Derek B

Who is the best UK drill rapper?

The Artists That Are Defining UK Drill In 2020

  • Headie One. Let’s start with the big one right now.
  • Dutchavelli. East London rapper Dutchavelli is the brother of XXL Freshman Stefflon Don.
  • Pa Salieu. It’s early days for Gambian-raised Coventry MC Pa Salieu but he’s already gaining mass support in the UK.
  • Unknown T.
  • TeeZandos.
  • Tion Wayne.
  • Shaybo.
  • M1llionz.

Who is the best UK artist?

Most top-ten singles

  • Elvis Presley.
  • Cliff Richard.
  • Madonna.
  • Paul McCartney.
  • Michael Jackson.
  • Robbie Williams.
  • The Shadows.
  • Eminem.

Do you put an apostrophe in years?

When to Use an Apostrophe: Years Similar to making contractions, an apostrophe should be used with years when omitting numbers. If you’re talking about the 1950s, you could drop the first two numbers and leave it as the ’50s.

Who was the first drill rapper?

Carns Hill

Who is the richest British rapper?

Croydon-born grime MC Stormzy, 26, is officially one of the UK’s richest artists.

Where does the apostrophe go in a year?

In informal writing, it is acceptable to indicate a year with only the last two digits preceded by an apostrophe (e.g., the class of ’85, pop music from the ’80s).

Who is the fastest rapper in the UK?

Ocean Wisdom went into the record books when he managed to average 4.45 words every second, beating hip-hop star Eminem’s record of 4.31 words per second. But the 25-year-old rapper from Brighton now has a criminal record – for doing 36mph in a 30mph zone.

Why do British rappers wear masks?

UK drill music has long been a “guarded subculture,” Ciaran Thapar wrote for The Face, pointing out that masks have become an integral part of these rappers uniforms. Here, it is done in order to avoid police surveillance, rival gangs, violent attacks, or even church pastors.

Is it weird to say yo?

“yo” is a pretty outdated word, most people are done using it as of 7 or so years ago, maybe more. If she is nervous, she is likely reverting to older slang to compensate for her current inability to resolve the correct language.

What is British rap called?

British gangsta rap

Who is the king of drill music?

Chief Keef