Which floor is best in flat?

If you are buying a property for an investment purpose, the ground floor is the best floor in high rise building for you. People, especially in Mumbai and Bengaluru, prefer upper floors, while buyers in the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) and Chennai prefer ground floors.

How is home as per Vastu?

The direction of the house or the ‘facing’ of the house, is the direction you face, while coming out of the house. The direction of the main entrance as per Vastu, is the most important aspect, while taking a rental home. The best entry is north-east, followed by north-west, east.

What are the advantages of living in a flat?

The advantages of flats The first advantage of a flat is that it tends to be less expensive and safer than a house. With lower maintenance costs, flats can not be built from scratch but have the advantage of getting decorated with better finishes.

Where should Fridge be placed as per Vastu?

According to vastu, the refrigerator should be placed in the south-west direction and at least a foot away from the corners. Avoid placing it in the north-east direction.

Which floor is best for elder brother?

As per the rule of Vastu Shastra, the Elder brother should stay on the Ground floor. and Parents should stay on the 1st floor then the younger brother on the 2nd floor. if you found this information useful please up-vote. As per vastu Shastra , elders should stay in top floor compared to younger.

Which side is best for main door?


Why houses are east facing?

According to vaastu shastra east is most beneficial direction. East symbolizes life as God Sun rises from this direction. Sun brings light and energy to this world and this is why east facing properties are considered best for any type of construction. A main gate in east and an open space in north is a good sign.

Are flat better than houses?

Compared to a house, a flat is so much more secure. Often, they’ll have a gate you have to get through before you even get close to the building. Then they’ll have to get through the main doors of the building, make it to your front door and get through that as well.

Is east-facing house is good?

Dos and don’ts for east-facing house The pooja room and living room in the north-east direction, are considered very auspicious. You can plan the guest room in the north-west direction. A plot that slopes from south to north is considered good. A master bedroom in the south-west direction is considered the best.

Is it wise to buy a flat?

Buying a flat is really good option but buying the right property is a hurdle for the investors. I m in real estate business and what I suggest my client is to buy a residential property near a business park becz these locations have a great demand in near future.

Which face house is best?

According to the actual principles of the ancient science of Vastu Shastra – all homes be it north, east, west or south-facing are all considered equally auspicious, provided you follow the right design principles based on Vastu Shastra. The direction of the house doesn’t matter according to Vaastu Shastra.

Is Vastu applicable for first floor?

The ground floor is best for the positioning of Puja room. Basement or first floors are the places that one should avoid for positioning the temple. The reason why puja room should not be placed at the first floor is that it becomes difficult for the elderly to go to the temple.

Should a house face east or west?

*Some people prefer homes that face east so their backyard faces west and can be used later into the evening. *Others prefer the opposite, having the house face west so the backyard is facing east and benefits from the shade on a hot summer afternoon.

What should be in front of main door?

What should be placed in front of main door? A clean house, especially the main entrance, attracts positive energy. Avoid keeping dustbins, broken chairs or stools, near the main door.

Which floor is best for health?

Healthier Flooring

  • Use solid surface flooring instead of carpet.
  • Choose FSC-certified solid wood.
  • Use natural linoleum or tile made in the U.S.
  • Choose low-VOC finishes and sealants.
  • Look for NAF-certified products.
  • Install without glue; use nail-down or click-lock.
  • Avoid laminate, vinyl flooring and synthetic carpeting.

What to know before buying a flat?

9 Important Things to Remember Before Buying Flats

  • Property Price: The first step in selecting a house or a flat is to fix a budget.
  • Flat’s Carpet Area:
  • Land Record:
  • Legal Check of Property:
  • Apartment Possession:
  • Financing Banks:
  • Builder-Buyer Agreement:
  • Location of the Flat:

Is flat a good investment?

However, if one is looking for regular returns, investing in a flat is the better option. If the property is attained for personal use, then land could offer an advantage of usage flexibility and handsome value appreciation in the long run. An apartment can be rented out to fetch some income, whenever you want.

How do I choose a flat to buy?

Few tips to consider before buying a flat!

  1. Ensure that it is a litigation free land: Before you invest in a flat, you should make sure that you enquire about the litigation of the land.
  2. Government permitted land:
  3. Property taxes:
  4. The ownership of the flat:
  5. Flat pricing:
  6. Stamp duty:
  7. Amenities:
  8. Appropriate walls and spaces:

Which floor is best for home?

Types of best flooring for house in India

  1. Marble. Marble flooring adds a classy touch.
  2. Vitrified tiles. Vitrified tiles for a clean look.
  3. Vinyl. Vinyl is a warm flooring material.
  4. Hardwood. Ideal for classic interiors.
  5. Indian Patent Stone. A concrete look alike flooring.
  6. Laminate. Laminate flooring resembles wood.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a house and a flat?

Advantages & disadvantages of an apartment & a house

Advantages Disadvantages
Investing in a home helps a person to save money in the long run. Owning a home makes the owner responsible for all the expenses like insurance, repairs, maintenance, upgrades and property taxes.

What should be the Colour of main door?

If your entrance gate is in the southwest direction, then your gate should be in yellow or cream color. It will enhance love and respect in your relationships with family members. If your door is in the east direction, then you can choose a wooden door or wood color for your entrance gate.

How many doors should be there in a house?

Vastu experts say that the number of doors and windows at home should always be even and in multiples of two, like two, four, six and so on.

What is the best direction for bedroom?

Direction of bedroom as per Vastu “Ideally, the bedroom at south-west brings good health and prosperity for the home owner and enhances longevity. Avoid a bedroom in the north-east or south-east zone of the house.

Why do Indian homes face east?

The ideal home [based on Indian culture], the front door should face east and the back door should face west, because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

What is the difference between a house and a flat?

Is there a difference between a flat and an apartment? As mentioned above, the word flat refers to an abode made up of several rooms on a single floor within a building that contains other, similar residences. Apartments, on the other hand, are generally considered to be the flat’s more well-to-do cousin.