What kinds of qualities are required of a police officer?

You need to have:

  • effective communication skills, including tact and diplomacy for dealing with sensitive situations.
  • community focus.
  • a sense of personal responsibility, integrity and resilience.
  • problem-solving skills.
  • a confident and calm manner.
  • good literacy skills in order to accurately record details and write reports.

What does juvenile law mean?

An area of the law that deals with the actions and well-being of persons who are not yet adults. In the law a juvenile is defined as a person who is not old enough to be held responsible for criminal acts. In most states and on the federal level, this age threshold is set at 18 years.

What is the youngest age a child can go to jail?

In 33 of the 50 states, there’s no minimum age for prosecuting child offenders, which Levick says “literally means you could prosecute a three-year-old.” In the states that do specify a minimum age, children can face juvenile imprisonment starting between the ages of 6 and 10, depending on the state.

What rights do juveniles have when encountered by law enforcement?

According to the U.S. Supreme Court, a juvenile has a constitutional right to notice of the charges against them. They also have a right to an attorney, including a right to a public defender if they cannot afford to hire a private attorney.

What is another word for juvenile?

Juvenile Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for juvenile?

childish immature
infantile puerile
jejune kiddish
adolescent babyish

What qualities should a juvenile police officer have should a college education be a requirement?

They must possess thorough knowledge about constitution. In order to become a juvenile office, college education is necessary. They are responsible for handling the juvenile offender which requires smartness and education provides the same.

What is the role of a juvenile police officer?

Juvenile police officers must investigate a wide range of offenses, from tracking down runaways to finding children who have skipped school. The officers may also have to investigate serious crimes committed against children. These can include sexual abuse, assault or kidnapping.

Is juvenile a negative word?

Denotation is another word for the literal, dictionary definition of a word. “Youth” = positive connotation (or association); “Juvenile” = negative connotation; “Adolescent” = neutral connotation. “Request” or “Remind” = positive connotation; “Whine” or “Nag” = negative connotation; “Ask” = neutral connotation.