What is the relationship between Sheila and Mrs Birling?

Although Mrs. Birling is Shelia’s mother she still refers to her as a ‘girl[s]’. The audience can sense Mrs. Birling’s condescending tone and how she still retains the view that Shelia is an immature and ignorant ‘girl[s]’ even though she is a fully grown adult who will soon be wed.

How does the relationship between Gerald and Sheila change in An Inspector Calls?

Sheila has become a more mature and changed character, aware of her responsibilities to others and to herself, however Gerald is still more concerned about re-establishing a socially advantageous alliance – Sheila defers a decision about their engagement/marriage.

How is Sheila presented in act1?

In the beginning of Act one, Sheila is presented to the audience as a naive and immature child. Her mannerisms and language replicates that of a young child which is ironic seeming as Sheila is ‘in her early twenties’.

What happened when Eric met Eva?

It turns out that Eric had an affair with Eva Smith and that she was pregnant with Eric’s baby when she committed suicide. Eric stole money from his father’s business to help Eva. In the final act Eric makes an emotional attack on his parents and their values and shows that he can be assertive.

Did Gerald cheat on Sheila?

After all, he had initially acted out of kindness, which suggests that he is not a completely bad character; however, he gave in to lust and cheated on Sheila, dropping Daisy Renton when it suited him so he is far from faultless.

How does Sheila show responsibility in an inspector calls?

Sheila takes responsibility for her actions and tells the truth. Gerald is being judgemental of her even though he has not yet taken responsibility for his own actions. Mr Birling refuses to take any responsibility for Eva Smith’s death.

Does Gerald love Sheila?

Priestley reveals that Sheila and Gerald’s relationship is not an honest one. The revelations that occurred in Act One about Sheila’s dealings with Eva Smith and Gerald’s affair with her (as Daisy Renton) have already put a strain on Sheila and Gerald’s relationship and they begin to grow suspicious of each other.

Why does Sheila give Gerald the ring back?

The engagement ring But after Gerald reveals his affair in Act Two, Sheila returns the ring to him and says they will need to start their relationship from the beginning, after the night’s events are over, to see if they can forge a life together.

How is Sheila Birling materialistic?

At the start of the play, Sheila is childish and materialistic, representing the failings of typical middle class girls in the early twentieth-century, as Priestley sees them. When Gerald presents her with a ring, she says, ‘Oh, Gerald, is it the one you wanted me to have?’

How does Sheila feel about Eva’s death?

This is seen in how Sheila is deeply affected by Eva’s death, she accepts responsibility straightaway and promises to never behave in such a way again. This is not the case with the older characters, Mr and Mrs Birling and even Gerald do not accept responsibility and we do not get the impression that they will change.

Why is Sheila to blame for Eva Smith’s death?

Sheila is to blame because she is cruel and selfish towards Eva. “You might be said to have been jealous of her” = She is selfish because she does not want someone else to be better than her, especially someone from the working class, and this leads to Eva being fired.