What is the ignition temperature of diesel?

Material Autoignition Temperature oF Notes
Diesel 350-625 Laboratory – ASTM
Diesel >1200 Heated catalytic converter. No ignition, test stopped at 1200 degrees F
Diesel 950-1000 Heated pipe
Diesel 1010-1125 Recessed stainless steel plate

What do you think is the most important lesson Montag learned?

There would always be more than enough” (144). Therefore, Montag learns that the emptiness he feels in his life can be filled by experiencing the natural world, not necessarily by reading books. It takes him the course of the book to struggle with these questions, though.

How hot can wood burn?

They burn and release heat, which is what we’re aiming for unless we’ve a few salmon dangling high in the chimney or you’re firing up the smoker. So, as the wood surface temperature rises above 212° F to about 450° F, gases abundant in creosote are released: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and acetic and formic acids.

What does Fahrenheit 451 say about knowledge?

David Bailey argues that “knowledge is power and to keep reading” because one who retains knowledge is a dangerous person and books give people the ideas.

Which fuel has lowest calorific value?


Can petrol ignite from heat?

That’s a lot of explosive energy stored in a typical, full gas tank! This could blow a hole in the gas tank and cause the release of fumes. You could heat the gasoline up to a high enough temperature that it could ignite spontaneously: without even a spark.

What is the theme of Fahrenheit 451?

The central theme of Fahrenheit 451 is the conflict between freedom of thought and censorship. The society that Bradbury depicts has voluntarily given up books and reading, and by and large the people do not feel oppressed or censored.

What happens if petrol is used in diesel engine?

Putting petrol in a diesel car can cause serious damage to the fuel injection system and the engine. Serious engine damage may also occur due to detonation caused by uncontrolled petrol ignition under the much higher compression ratio in diesel engines.

How does fire symbolize knowledge in Fahrenheit 451?

Not only does fire symbolize knowledge, it also symbolizes rebirth and construction. A symbol in Fahrenheit 451 that illustrates this, is the phoenix. Though fire can represent knowledge and rebirth, it is mainly depicted as a destructive force. In the novel fire is used to burn books which are knowledge.

At what temperature does oxygen ignite?

about 1.83 billion kelvins