Should I go to a music conservatory?

If you want to drench yourself in nothing but music, for example, a music conservatory is probably going to be best. If you want to study primarily music, but also want to round out your education by minoring in or sampling other fields, like sports, science or business, a liberal arts school would make a better fit.

Does dance help college admissions?

There are many different ways that you can participate in dance as a high school student. These might not place you directly in the world of competitive dance, but they could still qualify you as a dancer and count as an important extracurricular activity on your college application.

Why are music schools called conservatories?

Conservatory, in music, institution for education in musical performance and composition. The term and institution derive from the Italian conservatorio, which in the Renaissance period and earlier denoted a type of orphanage often attached to a hospital (hence the term ospedale also applied to such institutions).

Do you get a degree from AMDA?

Both the BFA and AOS Degree Programs are offered at AMDA Los Angeles.

How much does the AMDA summer program cost?

Tuition and Fees

2020/2021 AFTER SCHOOL (6 weeks) 2021 SUMMER (2 weeks)
Tuition $1,900 $2,300

What is the difference between a music school and a conservatory?

Like you mentioned, there are schools of music that do have a conservatory type focus, but generally speaking this is one key difference. Conservatory style schools might also offer these types of degrees. Whereas a school of music might offer a Bachelor of Arts in Music, rather than a Bachelors of Music.

What should I wear to an AMDA audition?

No denim, shorts, or extreme miniskirts. All clothing should be clean and pressed. No flip-flops, sneakers or Crocs. Character or jazz shoes are acceptable.

Do you have to audition for AMDA?

Admission to AMDA requires an audition. You must be a junior or senior in high school or a high school graduate for your audition to be considered for acceptance into the AOS or Certificate and BFA programs and merit-based scholarship.

Is a conservatory a college?

A conservatory within a university offers the intensity of the conservatory with the broader sense of college life, but some students find that to be a challenging balancing act. “A lot of students are serious about their art, but they want a more traditional college experience.”

Is AMDA a good school?

AMDA is ranked #1 of the Best Performing Arts Colleges in America for 2021 on, based on student reviews and data from the U.S. Department of Education.

How many students go to AMDA?

American Musical and Dramatic Academy

Type Private
Students Approximately 1600
Location New York City and Los Angeles , United States/b>°N u00b0WCoordinates:/b>°N u00b0W
Campus Urban
Colors Blue and White

What GPA do you need for AMDA?

2.0 out of 4.0