Should earth be capitalized?

When you’re talking about the planet we live on, capitalize the word. Here’s why: Used in this capacity, Earth is a proper noun. While she’s on our planet Earth, the meaning of the word here refers not to the planet itself, but to the soil or dirt on the ground and, as a result, should not be capitalized.

Is Moon a place or thing?

When you’re talking about specific places, you capitalize their names. Mike Murphy, deputy editor: The Moon is a proper noun. It’s a place you can visit, so this is the only correct answer.

Is Bible capitalized in AP style?

Capitalize Bible, without quotations marks, when referring to the Scriptures of the Old Testament or the New Testament. For example, We read the Bible in church every Sunday.

Do you capitalize Midwestern?

when they indicate direction; North, South, West, etc. when they indicate geographical regions. Phrases such as the Mid Atlantic, Silicon Valley, Dixie, Sun Belt, and Midwest are capitalized.

Does atheism have a capital letter?

(j) Many religious terms are capitalized, including the names of religions and of their followers, the names or titles of divine beings, the titles of certain important figures, the names of important events and the names of sacred books: An atheist is a person who does not believe in God.

Do you capitalize faith?

The official profile of the word faith is dominated by Faith with an upper-case ‘F’.

Do you capitalize gospel?

capitalize Gospel when you refer to a specific book of the Bible (the Gospel of Mark) or to the four-book division of the New Testament (the Gospels) lowercase gospel in general references to the Christian message.

Is Earth capitalized AP style?

AP capitalizes the proper names of planets, including Earth, stars, constellations, etc., but lowercases sun and moon. Interestingly, the AP stylebook says to capitalize the Earth but not the Sun and Moon.

Do you capitalize region?

The term “region” is a general noun, and it’s usually not capitalized, as a result. However, in certain pairings, the common noun appears after a name or proper noun – for instance, “the Highlands Region”.

Do you capitalize the B in biblical?

Do NOT capitalize the words biblical and biblically.

Does Middle Eastern need to be capitalized?

Do not hyphenate compound nationalities and ethnic or regional terms: African American, Anglo German, Middle Eastern. Geographical Names. Capitalize place names when these terms are accepted as proper nouns.

Is Bible capitalized Chicago style?

Always capitalize “Bible” when referencing the religious text but do not italicize (except when used in the title of a published work). …

Is early church capitalized?

The capitalised Early Church refers, in diffent schools of thought, to: 1. The first 800 years of the church – the era of ‘The Fathers of The early Church’. 2.

Is Middle East capitalized AP style?

AP Style tip: Middle East is preferred term for area including southwest Asia west of Pakistan and Afghanistan and northern Africa.