Is Joker suitable for a 12 year old?

Apparently it was very violent and definitely not suitable for younger viewers. Joker and The Inbetweeners are both inappropriate films for a 12 year old imo.

Can a 10 year old watch venom?

Venom fans are actually of all ages, and so we wanted to be inclusive to all the fans that were excited about the movie.” The Motion Picture Association of America noted, on its website, that PG-13 ratings are meant to convey some material may be inappropriate for pre-teens.

How many times does Deadpool say the F word?

Because this freedom gave the Ryan Reynolds led comic-book adaptation a chance to not only create some pretty graphic and gory fight sequences, but it also allowed the superhero adaptation to be littered with a mountain of profanity too. In fact it’s now been revealed that there are 84 uses of the f-word in Deadpool.

Is Deadpool kid friendly?

Parents need to know that Deadpool is a superhero story aimed at — and most appropriate for — mature audiences only. It has lots of graphic violence, sex (including partial nudity), adult humor, and nonstop strong language. Adults also smoke and drink.

Should an 11 year old watch Deadpool?

“Deadpool” is rated R for graphic violence, graphic language, graphic nudity, graphic sexual references and graphic sex — a sex montage, in fact. So I was surprised to see just two dads, each with two children in tow, all in what looked like the 11-13 age range, leave early, both after the sex montage.

What is Deadpool age rating?


Is Deadpool 2 appropriate for a 13 year old?

The official BBFC guide for Deadpool 2 has rated it 15 for “strong bloody violence, sex references, and very strong language.” To expand upon each of those in turn; the strong bloody violence is very cartoonish, and silly, and a lot of the characters in Deadpool 2, including its hero, are pretty much indestructible.

What bad words are in Deadpool?

The writers found five types of swear words in Deadpool movie, those are sex term, body part term, excretion term, death term, and animal term. The findings show that sex term was the dominant type because this type was mostly used by the characters in Deadpool movie.

Why is Joker so much older than Bruce Wayne?

Because the Joker is just older than Bruce Wayne… Based on his mothers story he was born around the time she stopped working for Wayne enterprises which was Supposed to have been about 30 years ago. That would make the characters much closer in age to the 2 examples I gave above.

Why is the joker a good movie?

Blowing way the mind of the audience in the field of acting and direction, this movie surprises everyone even in background score which terrifies you and makes you feel that Joker will go rogue again. Sometimes being serious is the only way out to be known.

Is Joker appropriate for a 13 year old?

“Joker is rated R, and for good reason. There’s lots of very, very rough language, brutal violence, and overall bad vibes. It’s a gritty, dark, and realistic Taxi Driver-esque depiction of one man’s descent into madness. It’s not for kids, and they won’t like it, anyway.

Can a 12 year old watch Deadpool?

The movie is totally ok for 10+. Violence, it’s quite strong but kids at 10 will know that it’s wrong to kill and they will know that he isn’t a role model. Swearing/Profanity, worst part of the movie.

Why is the joker so popular?

Thanks to its relatively small budget, Joker is now the most profitable comic book film of all time. And, beating out Deadpool 2, it became not only the highest-grossing R-rated film ever but also the first to earn $1 billion.

Can a 15 year old watch Joker?

The movie Joker has come under a lot of criticism for depicting and glorifying violence. Moreover, 15 year olds are allowed to watch the movie. According to UAE-based clinical psychologist Urmimala Sinha: “Studies do show that violence in movies affects children and the effect is more when it’s glorified.