Does Georgia State University require an essay?

Georgia State University requires you to take the SAT Essay/ACT Writing section. They’ll use this as another factor in their admissions consideration.

Does Kennesaw State require SAT 2021?

Due to the limited availability of SAT and ACT testing and based on guidance provided by the University System of Georgia, applicants for the spring, summer, and fall 2021 terms will not be required to submit ACT or SAT scores.

What is the acceptance rate for KSU?

75.2% (2020)

What is the average ACT score for Georgia Southern?

20-25 (2019–20)

How much is tuition for Georgia Southern?

Local tuition 6,463 USD, Domestic tuition 17,518 USD (2019 – 20)

What GPA do you need to get into KSU?


How long does it take to hear back from Georgia Southern?

two weeks

Is Georgia Southern a good university?

Georgia Southern University’s ranking in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #298-#389. Undergraduates at Georgia Southern can choose from more than 80 programs, and graduate students have many options as well, including programs in and political science.

Is Georgia State a Historically Black College?

It has also changed the educational landscape in Atlanta, home to some of the nation’s most renowned historically black colleges. They came into being because the State of Georgia used to reject or neglect black students seeking a college degree

Is Kennesaw State hard to get into?

Kennesaw State admissions is somewhat selective with an acceptance rate of 75%. Students that get into Kennesaw State have an average SAT score between 1050-1230 or an average ACT score of 20-26. The regular admissions application deadline for Kennesaw State is June 1.

What GPA do you need to get into Georgia Southern?


What is Georgia Southern acceptance rate?

54.5% (2020)