Where is Imtiaz Khatri now?

He owns INK Infrastructure and runs a production studio under the name VVIP Universal Entertainment Company. In 2017, Khatri had bankrolled the 2017 Marathi-language drama film Hrudayantar, which marked the directorial debut of fashion designer Vikram Phadnis.

Who is Imtiaz Khatri in Mumbai?

Imtiaz Khatri started his career as a filmmaker and entrepreneur. After that, he stepped into the construction business and started his own company named “INL Infrastructure” in 2017. He also founded a company, VVIP Universal Entertainment which financed many Bollywood movies under its banner.

Is Imtiaz Khatri a builder?

Career. He is a well-known builder in Mumbai and has his own company, INL Infrastructure. In 2017, he founded another company ‘VVIP Universal Entertainment. ‘ He has also financed various Bollywood films.

Who is Imtiaz Khatri Wikipedia?

Imtiaz Khatri is a well-known filmmaker and businessman in India. Imtiaz Khatri was born on 9 September 1989 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Imtiaz Khatri was born and brought up in an affluent Muslim family in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Imtiaz Khatri did his early schooling at St Theresa High School, Mumbai.

Which movies are produced by Imtiaz Khatri?

HrudayantarImtiaz Khatri / Movies

Is Imtiaz Khatri a Hindu?

Imtiaz Khatri is a well-known film producer and businessman. He is born and brought up in a well-to-do Muslim family. He did his schooling and graduated in Mumbai.

Where is Lara Dutta from?

Ghaziabad, IndiaLara Dutta / Place of birth

Who are Khatri surname?

As their name suggests, the Panjabi Khatris claim to be of Kshatriya origin. They have been prominent in civil administration from the time of the Mughal emperors. Several well-known Sikh gurus, including Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh religion, have come from the Khatri community.

Are Chawla Khatri?

Chawla is a Punjabi surname in punjab from Ancient Times. Chawla Clan of Arora ruled the Kingdom Aror and were part of Arora Kshatriya (Khatri) Royal Clan. It originates from the name of a clan of the Arora caste, likely stemming from the crop word chawal, which means rice.

Are Khatri Kshatriyas?

While some historians agree with the claim of Khatris to be of Kshatriya varna, many others dont. On the other hand, according to some historians even though they participated in mercantile or other occupationally diverse professions such as Agriculture, they were originally Kshatriyas.